Woow!!Don`T Miss the 8 Places to Visit in Malaysia

Woow!!Don`t Miss the 8 Places to Visit in Malaysia

Hi happy traveler! Are you looking for great place to travel with your partners or family? Before go traveling, you need to prepare everything well. One of the good step before doing the traveling is collecting lots of information regarding the great trip destination which exist in the country you plan to go. Now, we are going to inform you several places you cannot miss during your day in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the best destination to spend your vacation. One of the reason is because you could oftenly get promo ticket by the airline. Hence, there will be lots of foreign tourist will spend their holiday to Malaysia rather than traveling to the domestic destination because the budget you need to expend for domestic traveling is as much as you will spend for Malaysia tour or even cheaper. Beside of the price factor, Malaysia is also well known for the various attraction and many interesting destinations you will regret to miss it up. So, here are the 8 places to visit in Malaysia you must try:

1.          Kota Bharu
Kota Bharu or Bharu City is oftenly become the transit place for traveler to visit the beautiful Perhentian Island. It is located in Malaysia Peninsula near by the border of Thailand. Kota Bharu offers the the unique kind of enchantment, whether the attractions, trade centre, and also the culinary. In Kota Bharu, you could also find lots of historical and cultural heritage. Go down along the Kota Bharu, dont miss the chance to visit Central Market which is the biggest market in this place. The market laso sells the colorfull cuisine and fruits. For you guys who wants to enjoy the beach, you must go to Cahaya Bulan Beach and Negeri Gunung Stong Park. Those both destinations gives you exitement of doing the outdoor activities such as swimming, rafting, and scuba diving. 

2.         Melaka
Holding the central position for the very busy sea route between India and Tiongkok in the Southwest coast of Malaysia, Melaka was contested for many decades by the Government of India, Portuguese, England, and Netherland. This thing builds the town covered with so many interesting thing by Malaysia either from the architecture or the cultural beacuse of the priceless heritage. Known as the intercultural place, Melaka consist of several districts which is each of them has different feature attractions. In the quarter of China, you could find China Temple they are Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and also one of the biggest Chinese tombs out from the Tiongkok. 

3.         Kuching
Kuching is the biggest town in Borneo. Kuching is very famous with its tropical rainy forest where the tourist could do tracking and also natural recreation. Stated as the cleanest town in Malaysia, Kuching provides a unique urban planning with the sky high building and modern architecture also surrounded by the forest. This town is located along the Serawak Riverside with a beautiful scenery and also historical places such as Margherita Castle and Astana Palace. Along the  seaside, you could find cuisine seller, fountain musical attraction, observation tower, and theater. 

4.         Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands in Titiwangsa Mountain is one of the oldest tourism place in Malaysia. Established with the concept of awesome English park, colorfull flower plantation, tea plantation, forest, pond, and wild animal habitat. The way to reach Camerond Highlands is very easy, because you could go there by bus, car, mini van, and taxi. There is laso Time Tunnel Gallery which shows the histocrical development of Cameron People. One of the famous location here is Brinchang Mountain and Rata Land. While Mossy Forest offers jungle track where you could enjoy the sensation of exploring the forest ecosystem with veiw of beautiful waterfall.

5.         Penang
Penang Island is a popular tourism destination due to the history in George Town. Located along the world voyage route, this town has various color of culture, aechitecture and also culinary. When you have decided to visit Penang, you have to trully explore all part of the town, whether using a car, bucucle, bus, or taxi. Some of places you could visit when you get traveling in Penang is Botanic Garden, Bird Sanctuary, Butterfly park, Supreme Bliss, and Batu Ferringhi sandy beach which is located along the northern beach.

6.         Lengkawi
Located in the northwest of Malaysia, Andaman Sea, Langkawi is an archipelago which has beach, rain forest, mangrove forest and beautiful mountain. Those things make Lengkawi become one of the most popular tourism place in Malaysia. In the last several years, resort, hotel, restaurant and other tourism facilities has been growing up fastly in Lengkawi. The natural beauty of this island is its own atrracting thing in this place. The white sandy beach which is very popular is Cenang Beach that offers various kind of restaurant and bar. For the more calm beach, you could visit Tengah Beach and Kok Beach as both beaches are look-like isolated island from the crowd of the town. Here you could also do mangrove trekking and tourism place where the visitor is able enjoying the view of Telaga Tujuh Water Fall, exotic birds or monkey. 

7.         Negara Park
Negara Park is well known as the oldest tropical rainy forest in the world. An ecotourist which offers an adventure as the popular destination. You could also get adventurous wil nature by enjoying the extinct flora ecosystem, exotic birds and several extinct animal such as Malaya Tiger, Asian Elephant, and Sumatranese Rhino. There are several interesting way to enjoy the wild nature by hiking, fishing, exploring a cave, and 4WD safari. One of the popular activities you have to try is visiting Canopy Walk. There is also night safari to see the blossom plant at evening, glow in the dark mushroom, and noctural creature such as owl, water dragon, and others. 

8.         Kinabalu City
Stated as the capital city of Sabah in Malaysia, Kinibalu City is a tourism destination which develops fast beacuse it is nearby the tropical island, the place to protect the wild animal, national park and the highest peak of Malaysia, Kinibalu Mountain. Kinibalu City has the small town sentre ehich has several landmarks and also the observatoriun with a beutiful scenery. Most of the main attraction of Kinibalu located outside the town such as Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Kota Kinibalu Wetland Centre and Kinibalu.


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