Why Did The Egyptians Build Pyramids

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One of the most iconic attractions in Egypt is its Magical Pyramid. Various stories lead to some mysterious case when people start asking the reason for the formation of Pyramids. This beautiful and unique architectural structure was built around 2630 Before Century. It was built as the tombs for the pharaohs in the country and their consorts. Egyptians have considered various influential factors besides the structure of the building, to make sure they build the building in the best way. The people who get involved in developing the Pyramid incorporated astronomical calculations into the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, because people in the past believe that sun is the god and Sun hold an essential role in defining human’s life. They build the monument after determining the distance to the sun. Even the pyramids of Giza are constructed to form an Orion belt with the fact that the building only deviates 0.1364 degrees away from the Orion belt.
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The tombs of Kings
The Pyramid is well known built as the tombs of the kings. In the Ancient time of Egypt, Kings are believed as the God-Emperor, son of Ra, or even the Deity in the form of human being. Their Tombs have to be specialised and are different as ordinary people, as the son of Ra is chosen and not just born from average or lowly family. The size of the Pyramid tells how big or grand the Pharaoh is, the bigger the pyramid, the higher the Pharaoh is. Some might say that Pyramid is the portal into the afterlife. Besides the tombs of pharaohs, it is also dedicated to burying the queens and family member of the kingdom. Up to now, there are about 80 pyramids known from ancient Egypt. One of the biggest Pyramid is the one built for the Pharaoh Khufu and well known as the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid is located in the complex which consists of two temples, other smaller pyramids, boat put, and the mastabas of nobles. There is also a theory that mentions the formation of the pyramid is to save various items that would be needed by the Pharaoh in the afterlife. As people of Egypt believe that the death on earth was the portal to the next world. The bodies of the pharaoh are embalmed inside the Pyramid as a protection and it allows the transformation of the death to live another life in a new place.
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Monument of Creation
Besides being functioned as a tomb, the great pyramid is also commemorated as a monument of creation. Decoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the four elements such as water, earth, air and fire hold their own important role in life. The four parts will be completed with the existence of the fifth element called Aether. The five elements are believed as the main elements to keep the harmony on earth. As thought so, the monument is then well known as the monument of creation which found the building which symbolises the balance of the five elements very perfectly.

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