Where is the Nile River ?

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Northeastern Africa

Considered as the longest River in the World, Nile laid at Northeastern Africa. This River flows through eleven different countries, namely; Egypt, Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and last but not least, Tanzania. It is also called international river due to its 6,853 km long length. Even though it flows through 11 different countries, it is used as the main source of water in Egypt and Sudan.
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Two major Tributaries

The White and Blue Nile are the two major tributaries and the headwaters and primary stream of Nile River. In some countries, Nile does filling some areas into the lake; such as  The Lake Tana in Ethiopia, Lake Kyoga in Kenya, and Lake Victoria which is the biggest among the three, in Tanzania. In the North side of the continent, there is no lake. The water just flows through from Sudanese desert to Egypt and ended in Mediterranean sea. The White Nile is longer compared to the blue Niles as it streams in the central Africa region and flowing the lakes and mostly located in the mountainous area. Different from the Blue Nile which is the source of water and silt.
What to do in Nile River?
Some of you might be wondering what to do in this area, as what you can see is only water. Do not get me wrong, the Nile River is different and there are manifold tourist attractions you can find nearby. Here we have summed up three top and most visited places near the Nile River;
 Abu Simbel Temple Complex
It is indeed taking a lot of time to come and visit this place, but the place is worth the long way! It is a place that you have to visit once in a lifetime and you need to have a four hours long road trip. This Complex was built by the megalomaniac Ramses II and this defines Egypt as your imagination and expectation about Egypt the country of pyramids. The great thing is that you do not need to book a private trip! Most hotels organize a trip to this temple and will let you enjoy the temple for 2 hours which is more than enough to enjoy every pieces amazing architectural building.
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Temple of Karnak
Well known for its sounds and light show, this is supposed to be on your visit list! People say that this is the place of the beginning, the place where time began to ticks. You will experience the amazing opulence and splendor of the old Egypt. The best time to visit the temple is at night, it is because of the sounds and light show that will take you somewhere majestic. It will give you different vibes if you are visiting during daytime or even at night. But for those who love to study and immerse yourself in culture and the ancient Egypt.
Temple of Hathor at Dendera

Last but not least, temple of Hathor will spoil your eyes with what you perceive as Miracle. Still located in Egypt, or Qena to be precise, this tourist attraction listed as one of the best-preserved temples of ancient Egypt. You can still witness the carving on the ceiling in its original color, as well as questioning how come this stuff still maintain its color.

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