What to Bring for Camping


What to Bring for Camping

Hai happy traveler! What is your planning for the holiday? Hiking, swimming, or diving might be very fun, but do not ever miss the sensation you will get by camping. In this article, we are going to break down what you need to bring during camping. Camping is not only spectacular experience which is done with you friends or group, but also really good for having camping with your family, especially for you has got chlidren. The activity helps you teaching your kids about nature. This guidance is really important as not all people understand or familiar with camping matter. Here are several stuffs you need to bring:

Enough clothes
Make sure that you have prepared enough clothes during your camping. I suggest you not to bring too much clothes as it gives you difficulties to handle. Enough but not over. The clothes you are going to bring depends on how long you will do the camping. Bring your jeans, t-shirt, underwear, pajama, and many other clothes. Do not forget to bring jacket because the weather could be very clod and the jacket will help you to overcome the cold. Other suggestion is bring one extra clothes when you want to swim.

Comfortable shoes
A pair of boots and sport shoes are the ideal. Do not forget to bring you sandals as it helps you when you want to take a bath and or take walk at the lake or river and other places you want to visit. In the other hand, you must also bring your socks. Just prevent if the air is really cold. Pair of sock will make you feet warm and minimize the bad effect.

Despite of you will sleep inside the tent or cabin, they might be getting wet. Bringin a raincoat may be a good preparation to prevent you from the unexpected condition and situation. Do not forget to bring the raincoat which has a head cover. Why is shoes important? Shoes could protect you from dangerous things that face on you when you go walk if you do camping in the jungle.

What I mean here is not a game like Play Station or Laptop for game. Games here means like Card, could be Solitaire, Monopoly, Uno, or many other games. If you do camping with your kids, it will be very good to bring your kid’s favorite games, such as doll, toys, and other games your kids love.

You leave your camera when go camping? It means you will have lost every great moment you need to capture as your good memories. In this era, camera is one of crucial and essential stuff you must bring every time you get the adventure. Just bring a camera and capture the lovely moment.

Journal, Paper, and or Pen
These stuffs are nessecary to bring especially for you who loves writing and or drawing. Beside camera to capture the moment digitally, journal, paper, and pen must br brought as well to help you capturing your camping moment through sentences and a drawing. These are going to be cool as well.

Body Clean Equipment
Camping without a pouch just gives you more difficulties. Bringing a pouch is important. Fill it with the bathing equipment such as soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, facial wash, and many other of your needs. Beside that, you must bring your skin care like sunscreen, lotion, lip balm, and moiturizer. Do not forget that the sun may be too hot, or the air is too cold and dried skin as the result. Camping does not mean you forget to be carrying with your skin health.

Last but not least, medicine is an additional stuff you must bring. Preparing every chance you get sick or you get ill. You are the one who undesrtand what madicine neccessary to bring.
There are several importants things to bring during your camping. Stay tune on our next article, happy traveler!

Camping Rent Equipment
Happy traveler, you just need to go to the rental camping equipment to choose the equipment you want to bring. Such as rope, backpack, cooking tools, and many others.


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