What is Hiking? This is the Best Answer


What is Hiking? This is the Best Answer

Hi happy traveler! For this opportunity, we will not inform you about the good places to visit for your traveling plan or any tips regarding your travelling activities. Trying to make slight different, we are kindly dive in about the definition of hiking itself. You might have been very familiar with this kind of outdoor sport. However, it does not guarantee that you know really well what hiking is actually. Before you try to get hiking activities, you had better understand the explanation about it. Hence, you could do this sport with tons of satisfaction. We will make the genuine differences between hiking and trekking to help you understand what hiking is very well. They are similar in one way, but they have also some differences in the othe way. So, let us check these information out to bring you deeper to the world of hiking. 

Hiking is one of the outdoor activities where you do walking activities as your refreshment or sport. Mostly, someone who does hiking has a purpose to find the very beautiful scenery. While trekking is a long trip which is done by walking in a certain area and mostly the transportation does not exist in the trekking road, the lane has not been mapped, and the very challenging place. The other difference is hiking is done along the existed lane. Just say it official lane for hiking. Even in the certain spot, there has been existed rest area, street sign board, and many others. Trekking is the opposite. Mostly the road rute is done in the are with lack of facilities and signs, even you could not find any facilities or sign. The third is, hiking can be done in a short time, or even less than one day. You may be able to predict where your trip will get done. It will be different when we talk about trekking. You can not predict when your trip would be end up? You may finish it in a day, a week, or even for several months for the extreme condition where you probably will get lost. Why trekking take time unpredictably? Because the purpose of trekking is find new track our or make our own track for hiking. For the fourth difference is, hiking takes shorter time that trekking. This is very genuine as hiking follow the path that has been existing, while trekking finding the new track.
From those information we all know that trekking is more challenging rather than a hiking. In our other article, that is talking about hiking as well, we have told you that it will not be a big deal for amateur do hiking without any hard preparation. Beginner hiker must be able handling such activities like hiking. Because the risk of hiking is not as much as trekking. Trekking activities will bring onto the risk even the very dangerous risk, such as you will get lost as the place you try to find out is new and strange. That why, when you do trekking, you need to have some important skills. The skills you must have are your ability to guess the direction, map, and compass. Beside that, trekking also has you to have strong mentality and wide knowledge about survival. Those abilities are needed to prevent the possibility to get lost and get difficulties to find the way home.  


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