Visit Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Visit Iguazu Falls, Argentina
The Place of Black Panther

Hi happy traveler! Here we are coming up with an interesting topic you had better know. Are you looking for great destination for travelling with a watery experience? For this moment, we are going to talk about a waterfall which is stated as the border of two countries. It is Iguazu Falls. Who ever thought, that these neighborhood countries, Brazil and Argentina, is separated by the very awesome thing. Iguazu falls separates those football holic countries, especially in the Misiones Provine, Argentina, and the state of Parana, Brazil.  This waterfall could be reached for 4 (four) hours and 30 minutes by car from Posadas Town, the capital city of Misiones Province in Argentina. Should you get vacation in Brazil, you need take much longer time to reach this waterfall rather than when you start you trip from Argentina. You need around 8 (eight) hours from Curitiba, capital city of Parana. Anyway, the way to reach Iguazu Falls is through the land, water, and air transportation.

The name of Iguazu itself is coming from Tupi-Guarani Language which is oftenly used by South America people, especially in the part of Northeast and Southwest. Should the syllables is separated, it contains the word “Y” with the meaning of water, and “UASU” which means big. From those explanation, we could conclude that Iguazu has meaning a very hug water flow. Iguazu waterfall is genuinely very huge. This waterfall devides Iguazu river into two streams, they are upstream and downstream. The upstream itself is located near by Curitiba Town in Brazil, and flowing till the downstream in San Antonio River, Argentina. The water flow of Iguazu River falls exactly in the edge of cliff, and it made several system of waterfall with the various height. The height is started from 60-82 metre. The diameter itself extend along 2.7 Kilometer. The Iguazu Falls also has part where it is called Devil’s Throat. This Devil’s Throat contains waterflow shaped U which is narrow and swift. The diameter is between 150 – 170 metre. It could handle the debit of water untill 29 million tons of water. 

Happy traveler, you could also see a dam next to the Iguazu Falls. This is the biggest dam in the world named Itaipu Dam. The dam was established in 1975 and the main source of electricity for Brazil and Argentina. For the acomodation itself during the holiday, the traveler could stay a night in the hotel which is near by the location of Iguazu waterfall. Some of the hotels which are located near by this waterfall are Hotel Orquideas Palace, La Sorgente Hotel Posada, Hoteles Carmen Iguazu, and any other hotels you may will find out.  When you have been reaching the Iguazu Falls, you could not only enjoy the waterfall itself, you could also enjoy the helicopter which helps you to go around the spectacular place. You need to travel with vehicle, that is a bus, to reach the helicopter, because the helicopter exist in the place which is named Helisul Taxi Aero, the place where you could rent the helicopter. The fact that you need to know is the place to rent the helicopter is in the Brazil. The trip need time around 30 (thirty) minutes to get into the Helisul Taxi Aero. This is quite easy to reach Iguazu Falls, the waterfall which is bigger than Niagara Falls.  


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