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Living the wildlife is the dream of many. As the earth has provided us with so many uncountable spoiling beauties, safari is counted as one. One thing you have to notice and enjoy the wildlife is that they offer you a brand new experience like no other! Not only you will witness and watch lions, tiger, elephants, cheetah, and many other animals strolling around casually without being tied, you will also experience the amazing thrills and the overwhelmed enjoyment of being with wild animals without any barrier. Here we would like to kindly share some amazing facts you should know about having a trip to explore Masai Mara;

Deciding when to go is definitely the first thing that has to be done before anything else. Masai Mara National Reserve has an ideal climate which vary from dry season to rainy season. They have two dry seasons and 2 rainy seasons happening each year where the temperature will vary from 25/28 C during daytime and drop to 13/10 C during nighttime. This type of climate is actually the most comfortable because it will not be too hot or too cold like when it is summer or winter. A lot of African Tourism Agent will recommend you to visit Masai Mara during the dry season. This is due to the absence of water during the dry season that affects the vegetation and water sources in the deep forest. The animals tend to go to more open areas that are visible to visitors in search of food and water. Besides, the long dry season is also causing a huge migration from Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara. There are groups of animals coming in search of food and water, and you will be seeing how predators and carnivores eyeing their food.

How long?

Taking a trip to Masai Mara is not like having a picnic on the beach with your family where you could spend only an hour sitting on the beach and then go home. It is definitely a whole different kind of trip. Staying one or two days would be okay, but we do recommend you to stay longer and immerse yourself in the magnificent culture you could find in Kenya. Visitors usually take more than a week to stay in Kenya and taste their other offers besides Masai Mara. There are just too many things to explore and too bad to be missed. So, considering to extend your stay? You should!


People often wondering what are they up to in visiting Masai Mara. Masai Mara National Reserve offers you a great experience of witnessing the wildlife which will definitely drop your jaw. The mian activity you can do here in this place is, of course, its wild life exploration, having a trip with the provided vehicles to the wild safari. Besides, there is just too much thing you can’t miss! Nairobi is another reason why you should stay, this city offers you a diverse community and local attractions which tells a lot about its history. You can also visit Laikipia for couples of day, lakes of Nakuru and Naivasha, or even the famous Masai Mara and its migration! 

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