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Going to the safari with all wild animals and mesmerizing nature is everyone’s dream. It gives us a majestic yet dangerous vibes as we all know African Safari is loaded with lions, and other carnivores but also beautiful cultures you will find nowhere else. So here are three most important tips you should follow to get yourself the best experience of African Safari trip!

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Personal Security

This personal security is not all about wild animals and stuff, but more into keeping your own belonging on the right hand. Bringing a large sum of cash might cause you some trouble, just bring the right amount of money. If you can do the payment by card, please kindly use the card instead of money to minimize the sums of cash you are currently bringing. You have to make sure that all your money and card is safely saved. Put them on the shirt or somewhere else unreachable so that pickpockets have no any chances to get your wallet. You can also put the wallet inside anything in sight to keep yourself aware of all possibilities, like inside the camera bag and never leave your belongings unattended.
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Cash and Credit Cards
The best solution during your trip to safari is making sure to carry a combination of cash and credit card. Checks are not freely used like in the US and US Dollar is most widely accepted currency in this territory. Make sure to bring enough money on your departure to African Safari, you can carry around $150 - $250 for each person per seven days. This money then could be used to pay Visa on Arrival for those traveling from the USA. You have to keep yourself aware of any possibilities of losing money, including when you are trading or changing your money. There are many streetside money changers who do Freud and put a bunch of newspaper inside the pile of money so that the can benefit more. Make sure to count your money before leaving the counter and check the amount!
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Do not drink tap water or any water directly from the river. We cannot guarantee the hygiene and whether it is edible or not. You can just carry and buy any safe drinking bottled water that you could get from your accommodation. And make sure to bring water bottled every time you explore safari. Checking everything with the staff is one of the best solutions I could offer. Make sure to ask whether the water, ice or anything else is safe to be put in your drink or food. There is also another choice to consume sterilized water as well from a stainless steel bottle. There are a quite number of safari camps in the safari industry which offers this facility to reduce the use of the plastic bottle. You have to adopt this tips to avoid transporting these bottles to remote regions (especially when you are exploring the safari and there is no any trash bin to be found, please do not litter the beautiful majestic nature with your empty bottle).


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