Top Three Things to do in Tenerife Beach

Are you looking for varieties of fun activities you can do in Tenerife? Then this article is the answer to your anxiety. Located 100 km away from Morocco, keeps this small island warm and sunny all year long. Tenerife is well known as the Land of Eternal Spring by its people and this encourages people from around the world to fly to Tenerife and enjoy its sunny warm beaches. Tenerife is the largest island of the seven Canary Islands and there laid Mountain Teide in the center of the island that makes this combination an all-kill. There are just so many things to do in Tenerife that it could literally accommodate everyone’s expectation of what a perfect island is. Besides mountain and hills, there are several beaches laid in the coastline of Tenerife island that every single one of it offers different beauty. The diversity in this island is just too beautiful to be missed, so let us check things you definitely can do in Tenerife Beach!

1.        Swimming

As we all know, the most common activities one could have during their trip to the beach is –of course- swimming! But, don’t get me wrong, this swimming stuff is like no other. There is a place called Garachico in Tenerife which served as a natural swimming pool. It was created following the 1706 volcanic eruption, that makes this pool natural. Yet it is cordoned off at times, usually during high tide in fall or spring. You will definitely find yourself immersing with nature as you dip your body into the water and witness the gorgeous La Culata Cliffs from the water, plus the crystal clear water will definitely give you another chill as you can see the beautiful rock formation from above.

2.      Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Beaches in Tenerife offers beautiful underwater life which can be seen because of the crystal clear water. Besides, there are just too many fascinating volcanic rock formations underwater that will drop your jaw. Not only dipping your body into the water, tourists are given choices to stay dry above the water by watching the underwater life from a boat! There are a lot of diving centers around the beaches which offers a variety of trips for everyone, such as; courses for pro divers, boat trips around the beach, and even introductory courses for children.  And for those who have no fear, you guys have to try a night dive into the depths and exploring caves and shipwrecks underwater.

3.      Surfing and Wind-Surfing

Still, on the beach, there is also a place called El Medano which is well known as the best spot to surf and do windsurfing. It is located beside Playa Grande and Playa Tejita. The wind in this area is just perfect because the wind is blowing in from the Atlantic. Even if you are a newbie but you are craving for some thrilling experience, there are a lot of schools around the beach that could help you practice and train safely! Some of the school or surfing company even provides and facilitates you with Go Pro attaching your board to record every single movement you make during your training days and capturing the moment you crash during the training.

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