Top Five Nile River Fact that you Dont Know

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Nile River is recognized as the longest river in the world and is located in Africa. The primary source originates in Burundi and flows to north passing northeastern Africa, Egypt and ended up in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are into history, I believe Nile River has been mentioned a number of times in history book. So here we go, let’s check five top facts about Nile River you probably do not know.
1. Nile river is the longest river in the world where the length is about 4,160 miles or 6,670 kilometres long. It originates in Burundi and flowing through Egypt until arriving in the Mediterranean Sea. Just like any other rivers, Nile river flows from high mountains in the northern -middle of the continent to the Nile Delta. There are many countries that are being flowed through by Nile River, such as; Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zaire, and Egypt.

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2. Nile river has two main branches; which are the Blue Nile and the White Nile. The Blue Nile starts flowing from Ethiopia, meanwhile, the White Nile start flowing from East Africa. The two branches then join at Khartoum, in the heart of Sudan in North East Africa. The major sources of the river are Lake Tana which become the source of the Blue Nile branch and Lake Victoria which feeds the White Nile branch. The river will split into two branches which floe into the Mediterranean Sea, the branches which flow to the west is the Rosetta Branch, and the branch which flows to the east is called Damietta.
3. The Source of Nile River was discovered on 3 August 2858 by John Hanning Speke, the son of an army officer. It was started when Speke decided to join one of his fellow friends to have an expedition to Africa. This Expedition was organized by the Royal Geographical Society. The Expedition continues in 1958, and during the expedition, they have discovered Lake Tanganyika. Three months later, the journey was postponed due to Burton's and Speke’s health condition.
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4. Nile River is prominent in Ancient Egypt Society. Without Nile River, Egypt would be a Martian landscape that is inhabitable due to the absence of water. That’s why Ancient Egyptians valued Nile River as it is considered as the source of living. Even up to now, there is a universal Egyptian blessing “May you always drink from the Nile”, as it holds a significant role in supporting the farming, fishery, and live in Egypt.

5. Besides human, Nile River is also the home to many animals. Hippopotamus and Black Rhinoceroses are the two most abundant herbivores residing in Nile River. Even though people rarely see the Centre of Nile River and only the silvery shadow of the Nile River that will be visible, daily. The two most common birds that usually fly around Nile River are Blue herons and ibis birds, they often fly to catch a couple of fish, eels and snakes. There are more than 30 species of snakes live in the Nile River, and most of them are venomous. This vast river is also the home of Crocodile that could grow up to 750 km, and most of the crocodile is 4 meters in length, even some people also see the longer ones.

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