Top 7 Best Places to Travel in Thailand


Top 7 Best Places to Travel in Thailand

Hi happy traveler! Are you planning to get traveling to South East region? Now it is our chance to talk about great places to travel in one of the Asean Country. This country is very famous as its elephant and it has good film as well. Yap! Thailand, every one. You should know top 7 best places to travel in Thailand. Thailand,  acountry which is well known as land of smile, is one of the most favorite countries with a great destination for traveling. You could enjoy the exitement of the Thailand’s culture, history, and even the exotic beach. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the most favorite place for a trading and also the most wanted destination place for tourism. However, those cities are not the only destination you could visit for you traveling plan. Here we are with 7 best places you must visit when you get traveling in Thailand.
1.        Suan Nong Nooch
Suan Nong Nooch is a park which was established on the land with the width of 600 hectare. This park is visited by 200 visitors per day for the avarage. You could enjoy various kinds of beautiful flora. Beside that, you could also enjoy the the Thailand cultural performance. This beautiful and large park is located in Pattaya, where most tourism from local or the foreigner have known this region very well. Cycling is going to be the best choice to feel the exitement of this great park as you may not be able to travel around Suan Nong Nooch by using bicycle. 

2.       The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace is the centre of history and culture. It is the main attractive tourism place for the most of tourist and located in Bangkok. The most precious part in this building is Phra Kaeo What, the Emerald Budda temple. According to the story, there is the hair and stone of the Budda istself. You need to take several hours to reach Grand Palace Justice, but you finally will be able to see the landscape of the other cities, such as Wat Po and Wat Arun, when you have been arriving this place.

3.       Koh Phi Phi
Phi Phi Island is located in Krabi. This is one of the most popular resort in Thailand. The interesting area you need to visit is Monkey Beach, where you could interact directly with the monkey. Besides, you are able to rent the wooden boat.Long Beach is another great area to visit when you want to enjoy the sunset.

4.      Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai
The culinary lover must visit the Sunday Night Walking Street. This place is going to be your favorite one if one of your purpose of visiting Thailand is tasting the traditional culinary of Thailand. This market is not only selling the traditional cuisine, but also selling unique goods, such as painting, wall accessories, and many others. Sunday Walking Street is always full of culinary lover every Sunday, every single time. However, if you want to avoid the crowd but still want to hunt some foods or go to a market, you still have other alternatives destinations, they are Saturday Night Walking Street or Night Bazaar. It is located in Chang Clan Street.

5.       Railay Beach
Krabi Province is the place where you could find many beautiful beaches, one of those beutiful beach in this provinceis Railay Beach. This beach has white sandy and the bright and clean water. You could not only enjoy the bauty of the scenery itself, but you could also do the climbing. Onother activities you could do are snorkeling, and sun bathing, enjoying the sun of exotic country. 

6.       Khao Yai National Park
Elephant is the holy animal in Thailand. You will find many kinds of Elephant statue or painting everywhere. Hence, you will not get any difficulties to find elephant camp. Should you are looking for traveling destination which gives you the real life of Elephant, from many alternatives if destinations, we highly recommend you visiting Khao Yai National Park. Because you could observe and enjoy the most natural living of Elephant. You could also see the waterfall, wild bird, and any other wild animals. Last is enjoy the trekking with the elephant. Such an amazing experience right!

7.      Doi Suthep
Doi Suthep is a mountain which is located in the west side of Chiang Mai. Stright at this mountain, we could find Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple. According to some references, this temple had been established since the year 1383 and time by time got the more great construction. 


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