Top 6 wonderful Places to Visit in England

Apparently, the country of royals has so many wonderful places to visit, besides its famous Buckingham Palace or Westminster Palace. England has so many interesting histories laid upon its past, and there are several counties in the country who had witnessed every single historical event in the area. In this article, I will sum up the top 5 wonderful places that could be visited by your family, couples, or even your colleague. Here is a guide to top 5 wonderful places to visit in England.

Lake District
Pay a visit to Lake District to witness Britain’s prettiest scenery. For those who love outdoor, this one place is created for you. The greenest area in Britain that completed with a patchwork of lakes, woodlands, and valleys which save fresh air for you to breath. Biking down the country lanes to spend your day in peace and do not forget that they have beautiful hills to be hiked! you will spend a day to finish the hiking, but the hiking experience is worth to have.

Have a visit to the past, is definitely the vibes that will strike you once you visit this town. Cotswolds is like a different world where there are a lot of old style building built in every corner of the town dominated with honey colour. Not only they do have the same color, but a lot of their building was built in the same shape. The combination of green grass, spacious park, river, and even the footpath is just dreamy that will make you think, they are not the 21st century we know, they have strayed into the 21st century from another period.

 More than 40 million visitors had visited Yorkshire annually. Yorkshire itself is located in the north of England and labeled as the historic county. It is the largest county in the United Kingdom and it affects the political role of Yorkshire. Every year, visitors flock to Yorkshire to taste the beautiful and tasty cuisines which are quite famous for the traveler. Its food and drink reputation is the best in Britain. Besides, Yorkshire served as the historic county which saves and offers manifold historical tour around the city. The authentic beauty in this county is like no other.

If you’re looking into a more scenic trip or vacation, Devon will serve you best. Laid in the coastline, Devon offers beautiful and magnificent beaches on the south and north coasts. You have to experience surfing here in Devon because people are coming for surf break. Not only its beautiful beaches will spoil you, Devon has more to explore, do not forget to mention its inland! A simple stroll may leave you overexcited because of the view Devon has to offer. Cream teas are also a hit in Devon as it also makes the most of tasty food; like pheasant, seafood, lamb, venison, and pork! Besides, one thing you definitely cannot miss is its farmer’s market which sells apple juice, cheese, and ice cream, delicious cider and soon produced by the artisan.

Cornwall is famous because of its marvelous coastline with 300 miles of sand dunes and mesmerized cliffs. The good thing is that these coastlines are all accessible on foot. You do not need to swim if you do not want to, picnic and camping is another perfect choice you could do to make the best out of it. There are a number of remote beaches to enjoy while you are camping and stay a night to witness the beautiful coastline of Cornwall
Another honey colored town you have to visit is definitely Bath! Bath is considered as England's most beautiful small city that filled with fascinating green and hilly region. There are manifold museums and galleries you can visit. Besides, shopping could be your main activity during your visit here because hella! Everything in the market is at a great price and surprising quality. Last but not least, even this town offers Georgina crescents vibes, people have been building pubs rapidly in the past year for you to enjoy.


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