What are you expected from the South America countries? The exotic countries with tons of beautiful destinations. Traveling is the best thing you could do when you visit some of the South America countries. One of them is Bolivia. Bolivia has the north and east border with Brazil. South border with Argentina and Paraguay, also west border with Chili and Peru. Among the South America countries, Bolivia is the smallest and the highest country. Though this is the smallest country in the South America, you can not doubt the beauty of the toruism place belongs to Bolivia. It could be one of your best choice to travel to and you will enjoy every new experience and moment you never felt and got before. No matter you travel alone o with your family even your friend, your every single journey in Bolivia will bring you to unforgettable things you must try. Thus, we are going to inform you top 5 traveling places in Bolivia you must visit to. Here are those 5 places:

1.          Illimani Mountain and Illimani Valley
Illimani Mountain and Illimani Valley means golden eagle. Those nature phenomenon are the highest mountain in Bolivi. The beautiful scenery of these mountain could be got near the La Paz town. The valley looks very exotic as well and covered with ilama, the wonderful rocky place with the pond.

2.         The Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni or Salar de Tanupa is the largest salt land in the world. Salar de Uyuni is located in the Department of Oruro and Potosi, the Souteast part of Bolivia, near by the Andes Peak, in the height of 3650 m. Forty thousand years later, this place was the part of Michin Pond, the largest pond ever in the pra history era. When Michin Pond was getting dried, there are only two ponds remains, they are Poopo Pond and Uru Uru, also the largest salt land, Slaar de Coipasa and Salar de Uyuni. This salt land was predicted containing 10 Million tons of salt, and less than 25,000 tons of salt is produced every year. Every Noember, Salar de Uyuni is inhabited by three species of Flamingo Bird in South America, those birds are Chili Flamingo Bird, Andes, and also James.  

3.         Chacaltaya Mountain
Chacaltaya is one of the very cold area in Bolivia, with the height of 5, 421 meter above the sea. The glacier is located 30 Km from the city of Lapaz, near the Huay Potosi Mountain. Chacalta is not only the highest glacier in South America, but it is also the fastest glacier for doing the Melting polar. A Astrofyzicka Observatory building was constructed 5,220 metre above the sea and called Observatorio de Fisika Cosmic. 

4.         Siloli Desert
Siloli Desert is very famous because it is very beauty and also unique. This place is unique is because of the existence of a rock which is similar with a tree. Thus, it is called “rock tree”. 

5.         Red Lagoon
Laguna Colorada, or Red Lagoon, is a salt pond which is located in the west side of Altiplano, Bolivia, nearby the border area with Chile. The color of this pond is reddish. It happend because of a sedimentation and red pigmentation from various kinds of Algae. Laguna Colorada is one of the Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Conservation which was signed on the year of 1971. Should you want to find many kinds of James Flamingo Bird, this place is the home for them. You may will find Chile Flamingo Bird, but the existence is not as much as the James Flamingo one.  


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