Tips to Uluru Camping, Australia

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Uluru, well known as one of the most remarkable places for one of the aboriginal tribes, has an impressive history and enchanting natural landscape. Being in the process since 600.000 million years ago makes the formation of this large sandstone worth the visit. But before planning to camp around Uluru Rock, please make sure that you have read all these valuable tips to keep your life decent during the camp. Living in open semi wildlife could take you to a new environment you are not familiar. But here are the five golden tips we could advise you to make sure you have the life of a pro traveller!
No Fashionista Time!
When I said semi wildlife, believe me, I mean it. Flies are everywhere and it might destroy all your outfit and will not suit the ootd, but this is real. You do not want to get a random sting from a wasp or even bees, cause it will definitely destroy the whole enjoyment of your camping. It hurts so much and for those who are allergic to bee or wasp toxic, you will have to be patient to wait for more than 4 days in order to get your hand/leg/arm back to its normal phase, and colour. 
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Stay Hydrated!
Uluru is huge, trust me. Be prepared especially for those who are not familiar with physical kinds of stuff. The distance between the petrol station and attractions take a lot of time and is far, make sure to prepare litres of water every time you go. That will be better to exercise a bit before camping in Uluru, doing exercises regularly will enhance your strength and boost your physical condition. You might think that going at night is the best time to start travelling, no it is not. Trust me, going during the daylight is the best choice you could make.
Stay on Budget by Stocking Up Food
The first thing that has to come to your consideration is that Uluru is in the middle of nowhere, once you are in, the town and city life is waving their hands to you. If you find some convenient store here is mostly expensive, do not be shocked, because it is. They may need the extra cost to deliver the foods and goods all the way to the middle of Uluru. Supermarket at Yulara offers stuff with reasonable price, but just in case you have to save money, make sure to stock up before going to Uluru.
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Enjoy every single attraction offered in Uluru
I know that Uluru is huge and it will take time to enjoy every single attraction in Uluru. But trust me you have to experience each of the attractions whole-heartedly. The first thing you cannot miss is definitely the legendary sunset. The sunset will not last long, so make sure to prepare your camera 30 minutes prior, so that you will not miss the sunset. Do not forget to mention Alice Springs Desert Park and its super beautiful and enchanting flora. If you are lucky enough you will witness the beauty of Thorny Devil as if it is unreal. Some part of the dessert park also provides mesmerizing spot to enjoy. Make sure to enjoy every inch of it!


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