Traveling could empty your wallet sometimes, especially if your destination listed as one of the most expensive cities on earth. A drink can cost you over 5 dollars and even a breakfast set can cost you more than 19 dollars! Isn’t that crazy? Sydney is well known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Sometimes, it costs you around 100 dollars to stay alive for a day. This won't be a problem if you are planning to stay for a day or two, but if you need to stay longer for work or vacation, you can save a couple of bucks if you follow these 5 simple and easy tips;

Go to the museum and Art Galleries
Sydney is completed with a various museum that you can visit for free, one of the most famous art Gallery is the New South Wales. There are manifold jaw-dropping paintings, statues, and portraits which illustrates landscapes and figures. There is also the contemporary art museum which fits those who love freebies. This museum recognizes Aboriginals by featuring with many Aboriginal artists. You have to witness the Aboriginal collection because it will literally take your breath away. The artists try to illustrate the struggle of Aboriginal in taking back their land. This place is literally the heaven for those who are interested in history and social humanity.
Put beaches on your list!
Besides free entry to art gallery and museum, another place you can definitely visit is the beach. Well known as the home of sunny day, the beaches in Sydney are made to enjoy. Make sure to skip going to the beaches on the weekend because it is gonna be really full, tight, and crowded. Beaches in Sydney during the weekend is like the ocean of people. There are various beaches this city offers, just do not forget to put Coogee, Bronte, Watson’s Bay and Manly on your list and witness the miracle.

Facilitates yourself with an Opal Card
Going around by taxi will burn your wallet, trust me. One of the cheapest alternatives you can choose to move you from place to place is by public transportation. Plus, there is another way you can do to get a cheaper fare. Go get an opal card, opal card is the card for metro, ferry and light rail and is free. You only need to top up a couple of bucks so that you can use this card to pay for metro. It is more practical and cheaper than purchasing a one-use ticket. The best deal this card offers is the promotion on Sundays where you only need to pay/top up 2,5 dollar for public transportation in a day. Isn’t that amazing?

Bring a water bottle!
There are a lot of spots in Sydney which provides free tap water/water fountain. You can get as much water as you wish freely, all you need is just a bottle to put all the water! The tap water and water fountain usually located in the park and any other public places. The water is 100% safe and is added fluoride to protect your teeth!

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