Tips to Explore Komodo Dragon Island


Tips to Explore Komodo Dragon Island

Hi happy traveler! For you guys who is the trully traveler must be understood about the tourism place located in the East Indonesia. The natural resources in Sumba, Gorontalo and also Komodo Island must encourage you falling in love with its beauty. We are going to inform you deep information and some tips exploring Komodo Island. For you who is the new traveler and this your fisrt time visiting Komodo Island, do not be worried for you first experience. This article will help you a lot to be your guidance and take satisfaction from your journey. I swear you will get in love with this beautiful Island. Komodo Island is located in Nusa Tenggara Archipelago. This island is known as the habitat of Komodo which is also a National Park area managed by the National Government. Komodo Island is located in the East Side of Sumbawa Island, separated by Sape Passage.  So, here are the tips you get to know:

Choose the right time to visit the Komod Island
April till June is one of the best time to travel to Komodo Island. During those periode, rainy season has been finished and the weather in Komodo Island is really good to enjoy outdoor activities. You could do hoppng island in some islands located in National Park Komodo, enjoying beautiful under the sea, till exploring an island for observing the wild life of the Komodo. The more interesting thing is at some villages on June, a traditional boxing show, called Etu or Sagi, is hold at the area of Komodo National Park.
Do the Exploring on Sunny day
For you who wants to explore Komod Island, the right time to do trekking is in sunny day. Because, Komodo will do its activities during the morning. They usually start hunting their pray since 07.00 till 09.00. After hunting the prey, they immidiately spend their time for sun bathing. So, this is going to be more safe meeting the Komodo up after they have got their meal, as they tend to be lazier and not agressive. 

Use your comfortable clothes during the trekking
Because you will take much time and long route trip during your trekking at the Komodo Island, Padar Island or Gili Lawa, and you will pass a forest or a barren meadow, you had better use your comfortable clothes and easy to absorb the sweat. While finishing your trekking, you should wear hiking shoes as the trekking route needs a strong shoes.
Be carefull when you get mestruation
For the ladies who gets their mesntruation, you had better be more carefull when do the trekking in Komodo National Park because Komodo is very sensitive with a smell. Thus, you should inform the ranger that you are in a menstruation periode. Hence, the ranger will protect you more during the trekking.
Do not use perfume
Beside the blood smell, Komodo is also sensitive with the perfume. Hence, you are not suggested to use perfume during the trekking.
Keep the safe distance with Komodo
When you see Komod, make sure you keep your distance safely with them. According to the ranger, the safe distance to interact or taking picture with Komodo is 5 metre. Beside keep the safe distance, make sure you also do not make any noisy that could attract their attention.
Dont get closed with the Komodo when they spawn
Just like another animal, Komodo could also become very agressive when they spawn. Hence, the most important tips when you visit Komodo Island is do not try to get closer to Komodo when they spawn if you do not want to get attacked. 


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