This Year Hiking Tips for Beginners


This Year Hiking Tips for Beginners

Hello happy traveler! In this article, we are going to break information down regarding hiking, especially for you guys who plan for hiking for the first time, or it is called the beginner. Hiking is very familiar sport for us as this sport is relatively easy for done. How about the beginner, the one who gets the first time experience for hiking?  Though this sport is sort of easy and not complicated, you cannot deny that the beginners still need some certain preparation. Hiking is needed your body’s strength and your good skill. Talking about skill, for maintain the upgrading skill, you must do trying annually. No need extra miles for training your skill, an amateur hiker must be able to do this kind of outdoor activity. The amateur or beginner could handle this sport safely as long as they know what is necessarily prepared. This is the right page you have chosen as we will inform you the complete guidance about the hiking tips for the beginner. Here we are:

Take a routine exercise
Why is it necessary to have a routine exercise? Because this preparation helps you to train your immunity. It also helps you handling your tiredness and preparing your body muscle for adapting easily when you do hiking. The type of exercise which is exactly good for the preparation is cardio exercise. A cardio exercise trains your heartbeat endurance because your heart is the part of your body that will work hard. Several cardio sports you could do are cycling, jogging, skipping, or swimming. 

Choose the Low Peak
For the first experience, you may want to to something spectacular by hiking at the very high peak. However, we suggest you not to get over for facing your first time of hiking. Choose the peak with relatively low. This helps you to measure how strong you are and make sure that you have good endurance to hike the higher peak. Try to explore the mountain in Indonesia which could be your first hiking experience whith the low peak. They are Nglanggeran Mountain (700 mdpl), Pandeglang Mountain (1346 mdpl), or Andong Mountain in Magelang (1762 mdpl), and many others. 

Choose your most comfortable slippery.
The beginner is suggested to choose the low height peak. Hence, you just need to wear mountain sandal because you do not need much time for hiking. Beside that, this kind of sandal is very light and avoid you from the odor when your feet get humid. On the other hand, the no-cover structure may force you to get a bad thing that attacks your feet. Do not be worried, we have the solution. Overcoming every possibility, you should wear a pair of sock as well to protect you from any dangerous small thing.  

Bring these Stuffs
Here are some stuffs you need to bring for completing your hiking:
Personal medecine. Every one has their own personal medecine, however you must bring the alergic medecine when your body could not handle the cold or even some meals you eat. Beside that, bring betadine just in case you get an accident.
Map and compass. You may have prepared your digital map and compass. However, you still need to bring the manual map and compass. This will help you when those digital equipments cannot work well or even get broken.
Snack. This could not be left behind, happy traveler! Snack is very usefull when you do not get any meals during your hiking time and also as your reserved energy. But make sure that you do not bring overload snacks where it would get you harder weight.
The last is reserved sunglasses. This is important because it will be your back up when your main sunglasses get broken or lost. 


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