The Country with a Temperature under 20 Degree Celcius, You Dare to Try?


The Country with a Temperature under 20 Degree Celcius,
You Dare to Try?

Hi happy traveler! Have you ever been imagining the wonderful thing that this earth has? You might be people who live in the tropic area, hence you rarely feel the snow or the extreme cold weather. In the other hand, you might be people who live in four seasons area where snowy is something familiar. However, there must be the unique phenomenon from the different part of this world you have not known before. Have you ever heard about the several  extreme low-temperature country which exist in this world? That fact inspires us to break down interesting topic regarding some countries who has temperature under 20-degree celsius. I challenge you to visit this country someday when the temperature gets it’s very low condition. Just feel the sensation of extreme winter. Where refrigerator can not beat this country. In this opportunity, we are going to inform you five countries which are included within this phenomenon, they are Rusia, Canada, Island, Mongolia, and Greenland.  Let’s check this out, happy traveler!

Rusia is one of a country that has extreme temperature. This country could reach - 65-degree celsius temperature. Just imagine! How cold this is going to be when the temperature is on 65 under 0-degree celcius. It is not only cold anymore, but it is gonna be freezing. The winter season in Rusia is longer than the summer season. The winter season will happen during eight months within a year. For the further result, do not get surprised if people of Rusia, or Rusian, is more familiar with low temperature rather than high temperature. 

The second country is Canada. Canada is the country with lowest temperature after Rusia. Located from the south border, this area is lied along paralel. That nature phenomenon drives Canada to be nominated as a country with an extreme low temperature and this country is covered with snow. Snowy happens with higher rate rather than the other four seasons country. Canada has condition which becomes its own characteristic. That is the crash zone between cold air in the north pole area, the warmness, and the moist air from the south. 

The third country is Iceland. From the name of its area, you must be able to predict how cold this area is. Iceland means land of ice, hence this place must be very very cold as the land is covered with ice. Iceland has the width of 40 thousands mile square with the tons of ice exist along the place. It is included within the are which has temperature under 0-degree celcius. Fun fact you must know bout Iceland is, although it is called Iceland and also almost all it’s area is covered with ice, this place still has higher temperature rather than Rusia and Canada for the avarage. The temperature avarage of Iceland is around -5 degree celcius.

The fourth country is Mongolia. Mongolia is located 4.900 metre above the sea. The dried desert climate brings this country has dry season as well as the winter season. Mongolia is just like the miniature of small Alasca which is trapped between Rusia and China. The winter season of Mongolia is started from November and it will end up on the last of April. 

The last place we are going to talk about is Greenland. Greenland is an island in Arktik Ocean and is very closed with the land of North Pole which is very cold. The temperature Greenland has is quite extreme if compared with other normal place. This statement is supported by the fact that 80 percent of this land is covered with ice where it’s certain are has 50 metre height of ice. For the result is only the south and west area of Greendland where human could occupy the land. In the winter season, the temperature could reach till -8 degree celcius at South area. While the north area could reach till -20 degree celcius temperature. 

 Here are the brief information regarding the wonderful place with the extreme low temperature. You would never feel the real cold before visiting these places. You dare enough to visit them? I challange you! Just stay tune in our web page to get further information with various topic and will always give you the best ever. Thank you for reading.

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