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Talking about the City of Art Museum, Melbourne will definitely be the home of many! There are more than 100 galleries varies from individual initiatives to the ones owned by the public institution. Some of the best Art Museum in Melbourne are free entry, so you do not have to worry to spend a couple of bucks to have a sight at the art museum. Here are the top most visited art Gallery or Art Museum in Melbourne! Make sure to put them on your list and follow the crowd in experiencing the real art in the country of Kangaroo.
State Library of Victoria
People might misread this only as the public library and the home of thousand books. Well, that is not wrong but people, you have to take a look more inside! There are more than just books! Take a free tour of this old building that has built since 1856! The free trip is open daily at 2 PM and is available for international tourists as well, besides it is free entry. There is an extravagant room, the most luxurious one in this library that has been used to film several music videos. You cannot miss the opportunity to be inside the chess room, which is the place to many books from in many languages, also known as the room with the most diverse collection.
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Anna Schwartz Gallery
Anna Schwartz Gallery is named after the famous artist Anna Schwartz. The Gallery is located in 185Flinders Ln and is opened Every Tuesday to Friday at 12 – 18 and on Sundays at 13 – 17. You can just hop a metro and drop at Flinders Station. Anna Schwartz is the most talented to find a perfect artist home for their drawings, Photos, or even prints. Last year, Anna Schwartz Gallery exhibited some arts from the hand of the magnificent artists like Peter Booth, Ian Burns, John Young and Mike Parr. The Gallery will be filled with different paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, as well as prints.

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Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Once you are looking for this building, I believe you will find this building right away! The unique architectural structure is the home of many sculpture, installation, photography, print, paint, and video. The combination of modernity and art is the hight light of this Gallery. ACCA is located near the Victorian College of Arts. It is free to enter for everyone who wishes to enjoy the combination of modernity and arts. One of the most outstanding features of this art gallery is that Wood Marcha designed its building in Red-Rust Structure. It was established and built in 1983. There is various famous artist have involved in exhibiting their arts in this very building, like Barbara Kruger, eX de Medici, Bill Henson, as well as Mikala Dwyer. There is a rotation schedule system where the management of the gallery will circulate and rotate the arts that are being shown and exhibited for a specific period. There is always something different to be enjoyed at this art Gallery!

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