The Amazing CHRISTMAS ISLAND in Australia, Hidden Beautiful Beach

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Well known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is famous for its Whale Sharks, Red crabs, Sea Birds, as well as the magnificent coral reef. It is located 2600 kilometres away northwest of Perth or similar to 1616 miles away from the Nortpart of Australia. One of the furthest point from Australia and two-thirds of the island laid the magnificent national park which is the home of diverse animals and plants. That will not be the only one you will witness, please kindly look up into these fantastic things listed below.
Crab Migration
An annual red crab migration, of which 60 million red soil crabs happen annually. The Crabs will move from their forest-to-shore burrows to lay eggs early in the wet season, thus forming a massive formation of red crab. The migration usually takes place in October and November, but you can also witness the Crab Migration anytime within a smaller amount. The Crab typically come from the jungle to the shore. Christmas Island is the home of the world’s most giant land crab, the Coconut Crab. Coconut Crab could be as big as a middle age turtle with one-meter width and can live for up to 100 years.
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Underwater Paradise
Besides the Crab, This island has more the island has more than 60 dive sites around the coastline. Well known as the island with the crystal clear water, you will witness the magical creatures under the sea. Located at the end of the Java Trench and around the deepest point of the Indian Ocean, the Island could bring your snorkelling experience like no other places. One of the most extended descent points could be as long as 5000 meters or similar to 16,400 feet. This island is the home to more than 575 species of tropical fish and a lot of whale shark often being seen under the water and around the island, especially in November and May. The water is always warm all year long, and the best part is, no jellyfish could sting you anytime!
Asian Atmosphere
Christmas Island belonged to Singapore before 1958, and only after 1958, it became an Australian territory. Even up to this day, there are various ethnics have lived on this island for a long time. The combination of a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Europeans, make this island one of the most diverse region in Australia. Even at some particular period, you can hear the call of prayer from corner to corner in the bay near Malay Kampong just like how life is in Indonesia and the middle east. The Island is located 260 kilometres away from java island or similar to 224 miles, what makes this different from South East Asia is its clean and smoke-free air!
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Miraculous Scenery
Come and take a walk to Dolly Beach, one of the longest and prettiest sandy beach on the Island. The beach is located  30 minutes walk away, and you need to walk through rows of beautiful palm trees to get there. The beach is filled with coconut trees and strong waves. There is a famous place called Dolly Beach Spa, a naturally formed pool that offers comforts more than your jacuzzi. But for those who prefer a loose talk, a sandy cave with drip stalactites will be the right answer for your thirst for floating tank. The cave is filled with water down to your knees or chin (depending on the tidal current) and forms a perfect cold dip bowl.

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