Red Sea Diving Tips

For those who are in love with the ocean and all creatures in it, you can release your stress and enjoy the thrilling experience of going into the deep. Besides its blue and clear water that will slowly get darker as you dive deeper, you will find various of fishes and corals in many form and shapes. And of course will leave you speechless. The fish you will meet and encounter in the deep blue ocean is like no fish you will find in the aquarium. Ocean has more species and kind, from monochromatic looking fish into the neon blue color. Just everything that exceeds your expectation of how the underwater world looks like!
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One of the best spot on earth which offers a variety of amazing diving experience is red Sea. Laid in the Middle of Asia and Africa, Red Sea is the seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean. It’s average depth is 490 m and itsmaximum depth is 3,040 m. Red sea had become the common dive destination for European since a long time ago. People often called and named Red sea as the next Carribean.This is definitely one of the best destination to dive due to its crystal clear water, mesmerizing coral gardens, the amazing sea life, as well as the historical shipwrecks. Before taking too much time, let’s juts get into what are the best  diving hacks you have to know;
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Pause your activity

Diving is a life-risking sport that actually made in compliance to safety. Make sure to pause 4 times in the following period. First, before getting into the water and after all gear is set to stick to your body. One thing you cannot ignore is that the gear you have already put in your body is good to go. Please make sure that everything feels right and there is no functional gear that can threaten your life. Second, after you enter the water please make sure that the weight place is a stillin place and not move anywhere. Next, after you reach maximum depth, check whether the gauges buoyancy, and body to make sure all is great. And the last but not last, on your way of reaching the top of the ocean surface, please kindly check everything.

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Air Consumption

The main heart of the diving experience is one's ability to minimize the air consumption during diving. There are several ways you can do to reduce air consumption. The best three are as follow; 1) Move slowly, by moving slowly, you will not take as much energy as when you are in hurry. All your movements should be in slow motion to reduce the air consumption and decrease the water resistance. Second, Manage and learn about current. Please bring it to your notice that current could be dangerous, so make sure to learn, analyze, detect and avoid the dangerous current for your own safety! Last, what you can do to minimize the air consumption is your breathing pace. Breathes slowly not only will save your energy, it will also reduce the friction in your rrespiration system.  


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