Read This Before Traveling to Sydney!


Visiting a place for the first time always give you a thrill. You will surely want everything to be as perfect as possible and managed well. Especially when the destination is a new place and a place you are not familiar with but do not worry here we have summed up some super useful tips to make your vacation in Sydney the most memorable! Sydney is known as summer paradise, it provides us magnificent view of beaches in the South East Coast of Australia and many more tourist attractions that will not rob your wallet; so let’s check several tips below to experience the vacation like a true local;

Free Tourist Attractions
Stay on budget and happy by visiting the free tourist attractions in Sydney. Besides its famous beaches, Sydnes provides free tourist attractions that can be visited by international tourist without spending a cent. Make sure to visit Sydney Opera House, the icon of Australia! The access to this place is quite easy as you can go to Sydney Opera House by train and stop at Circular Quay Station! Or for those who love nature and classified themselves as a nature-person, do not miss the mesmerizing view of the sunset from Milsons Point! Hyde Park is also a very good alternative to enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

Choose the right Transportation
Before going to Sydney you have to make sure that you have planned your itinerary well. There are several transportation alternatives you can choose, such as; bus, train, and light rail. Please make sure to download TripView before coming to Sydney. It is an integrated application which will ease your trip around Sydney.  There are quite a number of tourists who prefer to explore Sydney by having a walk in certain areas, like CBD. CBD is reachable within walking distance and you do not need to take bus or train.
Choose the right accommodation
There are manifold accommodation types in Sydney, for those who are traveling on a budget there are a lot of hostels, Shared House or even Shared Apartment to stay. Just like any other hostel, you will have to share the room with other travelers and you can find this kind of accommodation easily in CBD area. But for those who want to stay in a more private housing, you can book a shared house of apartments online. Those two types of accommodation are the cheapest for a long stay, compared to the hotel.

Bring your own Water Bottle
Last but not least, this is a really important tip for you to save couples of buck. You can easily find the water fountain or tap water from the public park in Sydney. The tap water provided in Sydney is safe to consume. There are information boards that indicate whether the water is consumable or not. This will definitely cut your expenses because you do not need to spend money on mineral water or beverages during your vacation in Sydney.  So, make sure to always


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