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Surfing has been the hobbies of many, form various age, genders, and diverse cultural background. For those who are into surfing, spending time during holidays in a fantastic place of high waves and strong wind is probably the best and perfect choice the will be taking. One of the sites that is well-known for its exotic surfing paradise is the Gold Coast in Queensland, more than hundred thousand have visited this place annually to experience the great waves and beach to test their surfing skills.
The home of surfers

Surfers Paradise is a suburb in the City of Gold Coast where there are more than 20,000 people live in this place to surf. Besides its beautiful beaches, you will find there are a lot of high apartment building standing along the shore, makes the combination of nature and city life blended as a form of modernity. Surfers Paradise has been announced as one of the Icon of Queensland due to its strategic location, beaches and the city’s skyline.
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Surfers Paradise Festival
Besides Surfing, there is a famous annual celebration taken place in March and April. The festival is renowned as Surfers Paradise Festival where people from Surfers Paradice come and gather to enjoy music, food, film, fashion and also art. This festival is celebrated to embrace the culture of Gold-Coast and its rapid development. The Surfers Paradise Festival is a four weekends festival which exhibits various shows, such as live music, street markets, and film screening. It is a family-friendly event that accessible to everyone.
Join Surfing Class
For those who are not familiar with surfing and it might be the first time for you to go surfing. You can take surfing lessons for beginner. This activity is a must thing to do for those who wish to have excellent surfing skills. There are a lot of surfing schools that will facilitate your need for surfing. One of the most famous ones is the Go Ride A Wave. Go Ride a Wave was established in 1987, and the shop is located in the Surfers Paradise at the end of Cavill Mall. As one of the most crowded along the Surfers Paradise, thousands of people have taken the short course in surfing, while enjoying their vacation in the heart of Queensland.
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The Surfing Class provided range from the beginner level to the intermediate level. This place is the only one who offers and facilitates short surfing course for people who wish to deepen their skill in surfing. The class is always open seven days a week and is the member of surfing Queensland Surf School, one of the famous and reputable surf school in Australia. The classes are different to each age group; there are surfing lessons for kids, teenager, and adults. The surf lessons will include 2 hours of surf lesson where the coach will introduce the technique of surfing, and there will also be surf safety information to make sure that everyone acknowledges the safety during surfing. Besides, they also provide necessary learn to the surfing equipment and last but not least, surf instruction based on our level skills.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your board and let’s surf!


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