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Hi happy traveler! Are you looking for an article about tourism place in Peru? You opened the right page. For this article, we have picked a topic about Lake Titicaca as your new reference for travelling in your vacation. Feel the different experience of travelling by visiting Lake Titicaca.  You would never get the same feel from other lake that exist in this world. When you go to Peru, your trip will not be completed if you do not go to Lake Titicaca. This lake is located in Andes Mountains. It is special to be visited because the lake is nominated as the larger lake in the South America with the width of 8,300 Kilometer square. Beside that, Lake Titicaca is the highest lake with the height of 3821 mdpl, or 12,500 feets. Lake Titicaca covers two countries, they are Bolivia and Peru. Both countries stated Lake Titicaca as the holy place for them.

Near the Lake Titica was grown up community in Puno Town, it was used to be called Inca Town, but then it became imperialism town of Spanish, living by using the water of Lake Titicaca as their main source of life. However, there is not only people of Puno Town who is living in this island. Away on the middle of this lake exist the other goup of people. This would be one of the attractive thing which is coming up from Lake Titicaca. The fact is the island upon the lake is inhabit by the native people, called Uron Clan. This clan has a uniqe way of life. They made a population above the Lake Titicaca and living there. Because of the existance of Uros Clan in the Lake Titicaca, it seems like a sank village above a lake. This clan has been living for many centuries and they claimed themselves as the protector of Lake Titicaca.

The sank islands as the habitat of Uros Clan are the home for 2,000 people. The technology which is used by the Uros people could be said as the very modern technology. The buildings on the lake which is inhabit by the Uros people was build as the protection from an agresor. The population who is livin on the Titicaca Lake is totally different from other population who inhabits an island.  The other island made by human exist on the land, while the habitat of Uros Clan is deffinitely sank on the lake. They call their home as islas flotantes. Some scientist predicted that Uros Clan made war with other clan, hence they made their own population upon the water as no land were left for them to live. Thier choice might be the right decision because their clan is inferior and it would not become the threat for Inca Clan or even the soldier of France. People of Uros are a fisherman and also a great contractor, they are tanner if compared with other people of Peru. Talking about democracy and leadership in Uros, woman holds the most powerfull position. For them, women have important role and  they are the leader of a family, controlling the family and all the stuffs related to the family matter. The man of Uros has responsibility to haunt fish only. The communities of Uros become the symbol that the controller of community is dedicated to the woman. People of Uros also do the democratic of modern era. The leader of family is called presidente for one year. For the next year, the status will be transferred to other woman who has been successfully chosen as the new leader of family.

You need to go to this lake to explore more and feel the sensation where you sleep above the water. See you on another article, happy traveler!


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