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For the Aboriginal land is the land of exoticism and beauty. Kakadu is included the one you definitely cannot miss. Its enchanting natural resources, the home of beautiful rainbows will illustrate how heaven might look like. The combination of crystal clear water, magical waterfal and relaxing greens is definitely the one you have been looking for all this time! Want to know other facts about Kakadu National Park that will leave you speechless? Kindly check these 10 facts below!
1. Kakadu is one of the national park located in the australia continent. To be exact, it is lovated in the nothern part and is abour 150 kms away from Darwin.
2. Do you know that Kakadu National Park is huge? It is about 20.000 square kilometres wide, even Singapore is only 720 km square! If it was to compare to a middle size country, it is about a half size of switzerland!
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3. The Aboriginal People have been in Kakadu for more than 65,000! Isn’t that amazing? It was like thousand years before century! Literally the oldest living culture on earth!
4. Literally the home of crocodile as there are more than 10,000 crocodiles are living in Kakadu. If you are familiar to the yellow water billabong, the most perfect place to witness sunset, this area is the basecamp of crocodiles. You can see more than 5 crocodile in one glance
5. Still about fauna, Kakadu is the habitat of approximately 280 types of birds. The birds life in Kakandu will definitely blow your mind. There are just too many kinds of bird with manifold combination of colors and shape. Do not forget to mention the amazing melody they whistle, definitely what I perceive as the sound of nature!
6. Some aboriginal group are living in this area as it is the land of aborigin. The aborigin culture is immersed perfectly with the nature and the chiefs of Aboriginal people are in charge of managing the park in collaboration with Parks Australia.

7. Is there any other things to witness? Definitely! There is a historical rock art that will bring you travel time. There are manifold paintings in form of animals, ancestral spirits, and Aboriginal People, as well as European. The paintings is not for us to only watch, but also to understand the struggle of Aboriginal People in fighting for their land.
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8. Is the primitive life still exist in Kakadu National Park? Well, not as traditional and as primitive as you think. Time has brought changes to the life of original people, especially in the recent decades. Some Aboriginal people are living the life like we usually do, and the bestpart is that they still hold their ancestors way in perserving the land and tradition by fishing.
9. Besides its amazing fauna, there are around 2000 different types of flora living in the heart of Kakadu. There are manifold kinds of flora, and it differs according to the location. You will find hundreds mangroves near the coast line and the plantation will change if you go deeper into the middle.
10. This area might be the area with the most season happened in a year! Imagine there are six different season in Kakadu, from Monsoon Season, Storm Season, Cold and Humid Season, Cold season, hot dry season, and Pre monsoon Storm Season.


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