How Deep is the Amazon River

How Deep is the Amazon River

Amazon River, Rio Amazonas in Spanish, is a river which is situated in South America that has been nominated as the second longest river in the world, the first longest river in the world is Nil River in Africa. Amazon River has the biggest total debit amongst all river that is existed in this world. It brings more water than the compiled of Mississipi, Nil, and Yangtze River. Amazon has the biggest watery system as well. Though Nil is the longest river in the world, Amazon River is stated as the strongest one, it is seen from the water flow every second. The amount of the freshwater released to Atlantic Ocean is about 184,000 m3 per second, or 6.5 billions feet per cubic, in the rainy season. The Amazon water flow is the one per five from all amount of all the fresh water flowing to the sea in this world. The water in the sea near by this river has a low rate of salt compound until hundreds miles length. The main river of Amazon River, usually has a width from one to 6 miles, could be passed by big ocean steamers till the Manaus, almost about 8—miles to the downstream from it’s mouth. The smaller ship with the weight of 3,000 ton and 5.5 m, or 18 feet, could go along Iquitos, 3,700 km (2,300 miles) from the sea. The small ship could reach around 780 km, or 486 miles, is longer till it reaches Achual Point. Passing from that way, there is only small ship which is able to go up till Pongo de Manseriche, above the Achual Point. 

This river takes water from the coordinate 5 degree LU till 20 degree LS. The furthest source could be found in the high land inter-Andes. The distance is quite near with Pasific Ocean, and after go through 7,200 km for the distance, or 4,800 miles, through the Peru inland and pass through the Brazil, it enters the Atlantic Ocean in the equator. Jungle and Amazon River is the habitat for the Anaconda. The mysteri of Amazon River is related to its origin is also involving Sucuriju Gigante, a very long Anaconda. According to the indigenous people of the Amazon, Amazon river was made up due to the rute passed by the Sucuriju Gigante. Afterforward, when raining comes, hence that rute would be filled by water. I have told you that Amazon River is the number two biggest river and the strongest as well. However, this river is also very dangerous, even the most dangerous. Dont ever doubt it at all. It will be very impossible for a vehicle pass through Amazon River, even a bridge exist on this river. That facts are ralated to the debit of its water, of course. There is over 8 trillion galon of water per day flowing from the stream of the water. You may wonder how deep the Amazon River is while the debit strongly flows till makes it become the strongest one. Amazon River has the depth for 15 m. Can imagine how deep this river is. No doubt anymore if this river is the habitat for several kinds of dangerous animal water, such as Anaconda, arapaima and piranha. Should anyone who wants to try swimming in the Amazon River, he must be bored doing his life.


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