Himalayas Hidden Facts You Don’t Know


Himalayas Hidden Facts You Don’t Know

Hi happy traveler! Should you have ever saw from the hight peak of a mountain which is covered with big snow and glacier, those pictures might be the peak of Himalaya. Himalaya is the biggest mountains strecth along the south Asia area for 2,400 Km. The mountains cover along Bhutan, India, Nepal, Republic of Tiongkok, and Pakistan. Himalaya has some mistery you need to know. Lets check some misterious things you must understand:

1.        The youngest mountains
Himalaya is called as the youngest mountain in the world. The mountains and plateau of Tibet has been made as the result of a crash between India Plates and Eurasia Plates. Himalaya is believed has existed for 450 billions years.

2.       The range of Himalaya still growing
Some scientist have confirmed that the range of Himalaya is still growing up again and again. Because of the movement of plates, Himalaya is moving around 20 mm per year.

3.       Do you want to see the God of Hindu? Visit Himalaya!
The people of Hindu believes that Himalaya is stated as a God. People of Hindu believes that Himalaya is a holy place. They call “Giri Raj” which has meaning “The king of Mountains”. You could find those title of Himalaya inside the books of religion for so many time such as Ramayana, Mahabharat and Rig Veda.

4.      The peak of the World
Should you want to stand on the peak of the world, thus you have to do more effort to visit Himalaya as the place here is the home for the highest Everest Moountain point in the world.

5.       The place of Exotic flora and fauna
The mountain of Himalaya is the home for various kinds of exotic animal such as snowy tiger, forest goat, mousedeer and mountain goat. Inspite of from the various animals, Himalaya is the habitat from many kinds of the species of beautiful bird.

6.      The father of big rivers
Some of the big rivers in the world, which is called Indus, Gangga, Brahmaputra, Yangtze, Mekong river, and the yellow rivers which is located in Himalaya.

7.       The weather of Himalaya gets changed easily
The weather of Himalaya is not stabil and it could change easily. Himalaya is easily getting a snowy storm, flood, season wind, earthquake and a high speed wind.

8.       The most virgin place in the world
We all know that reaching Himalaya is one of the prestigious thing in you life. This is not piece of cake to beat the Himalaya down. You need ton of effort more than hiking the other mountain. From that fact, there is only a view people who has been able to stand up on the Himalaya Mountain. Thats why Himalaya is stated as the most virgin place in the world. The other place is Antartic. So, challange yourself to beat the Himalaya down, happy traveler.

9.      The snow never get melt
The most top peak of Himalaya is covered by snow. However the unique thing you will discover is the snow is never melting.

10.   This is not just an Everest Mountain
You may get wrong by thinking that Himalaya is the synonim of Mount Everest. Himalay is indeed dominated by the mountain with the height of 8,848 above the sea. The fact is another part of Himalaya which is challenging as well. Three of them are located in India.  First is Ladakh or land of Lamah which becomes the district of the biggest mountain in Jammu and Kashmir. The second is in the not so popular mountains which is called Kumaon in Uttarakhand. The third is Kanchenjunga, which becomes the top three highest peak in the world, where there is an existence of Budda Kingdom called Sikkim.


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