Fascinating London Clock Tower Facts You Must Know


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London Clock Tower that is well known as Big Ben is located in the centre of London, or to be more precise in the complex of Westminster palace which usually used to conduct a parliamentary meeting. The Clock is hundred years old and Chiming once in a while. If you are interested in visiting Big Ben, please kindly read these article below as the facts you have to know about London Clock Tower, one of the most famous tower clocks in the world. Let us check them out!

Elizabeth Tower Construction
Big Ben was laid inside the Elizabeth Tower which stands 315 feet or similar to 96 meters tall. It consists of 11 floors, and you have to walk more than 300 steps to reach the top of the tower. The foundation was dug 3 metres deep and being put a foundation stone on 28 September 1843. The building materials were originated from Anston in Yorkshire, Clipsham in Rutland, and Caen in France and it required more than 800 cubic meters of stone and 2,600 cubic meters of bricks. The construction was expected to finish in 1854 but, it fell five years after schedule. As for now, the Tower is under construction, and according to the plan of the renovation works, a lift will be installed in the tower to ease the access of the internal shafts.

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The Origins of Big Ben
London Clock Tower is commonly called Big Ben by the locals, and it also refers to the Westminster Palace at the House of Parliament. But some people should know that Big Ben is referring to the Bell hang within the clock tower. The name of Big Ben is still arguably as some believe that it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the first commissioner for works or Ben Caunt, one of the most famous weigh lift boxer that was being the talk of the town at that moment. The bell was supposed to be called Royal Victoria and on its first arrival, the bell was greeted in a tremendously euphoric ceremony. It was brought by a carriage with 16 white horses and going through the Thames and Westminster Bridge.

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The Chimes
On July 11, 1859, Big Ben chimed for the first time but the duration of the ring is not as long as it is now. Two months later, the Bell was cracked, and for the next for months since September 1859, the Bell remained silent. Since then, the Bell was kept quiet for some special occasions. The Bell was undergoing another repair in 2007 due to the snuffed out Chimed for about four weeks. Another record was in 1976, where the bell silent for nine months. One of the scientific miracles about the chimes is when you hear the bell chimes, it illustrated the difference between the speed of sound and light. Those who listen to the chimes through a radio, they will listen to the bells first. In its 60 seconds duration of chimes, People are encouraged to contemplate silently in giving appreciation and respect to those who fought on the battlefields.

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