Dont Miss 8 Best Places to Visit in Japan


Dont Miss 8 Best Places to Visit in Japan

Hi happy traveler! I bet you have been understood very well where Japan is. This is one of the most hunted destination for toursit around the world. You may have known it as Japan is familiar. Though you have been very familiar about Japan, it does not guarantee you have also known regarding some interesting destinations you can not miss up. Should you plan any vacation trip to Japan, this article is the best informant you need to fullfill all informations you need to prepare all the things before departing to Japan. Do not ever miss every single places you actually could visit or you will get regret. Thus, here are 8 (eight) best places to visit in Japan. Lets check it out!

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo disneyland is tourism place which is recommended for kids and also teenager. Thoush the fact state that thing, there is also adult tourist you will find out at Disney Land. The basic concept of this tourism place, Disneyland, has existed in the other big cities. Should you are interested to spend your holiday at Disneyland, you are able to visit this place in the area of Chiba Prefecture.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
When you want to enjoy the beauty of the sea world and understanding how the living organism under the sea run their life? Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is the great place you can not miss up ti visit. At this place, the visitor will see the beauty of a life under the sea through certain tunel. Beside that, you could also see some attractions of animal in the outdoor. You will also visit the District of Kunigami, Okinawa Prefecture.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower is the symbol of Tokyo you must visit when you get some trip in Japan. Visiting Japan means you must enjoy the Tokyo Tower as well. With the height of more than 300 metre, you are able to see the beauty of Tokyo from the up side. In this place, there is also a certain binocular which enable you to see details of every edge of the City of Tokyo. What a wonderful experience, is not it!. Beside that, you also are able to try various kinds of other tourism destinations.

Unoe Park
The Japan tourism place you are hardly forbidden during your vacation is Uneo Park. Located at Taito-ku, Tokyo, which is not far away from the centre of the town, make this park visited by lots of tourist, whether local or international tourist. The beauty this park shows to us is about the existence of trees with a beautiful flowers. Beside that, on a certain season, you could also enjoy the beauty of Sakura flower which gets blossom.

Fuji Mountain
Fuji Mountain is the highest and the most popular mountain among either the Japanesse or the International citizen. It has the height of 3,776 mdpl states the Fuji Mountain has the gorgeous and wonderful natural place, one of those is the scenery of 5 ponds. In the other hand, you could enjoy the train for the route of Tokyo-Osaka for seeing the beauty of Fuji Mountain form the distand.

Should you want to have complete Japan tour, Asakusa would be your best choice. The visitors here would be guide to come in to every temples, trying to taste the traditional cuisine of Japan, go shopping, understanding the history of Japan and any other thing. You could also enjoy the bery big red lampion which welcomes you in frotn of the gate of Asakusa. Beside that, you are also will introduced with Sensoji Temple which is the oldest temple in Tokyo.

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace or oftenly called the palace of Tokyo Kingdom may be the one of destination you can not miss. The visitors here are able to learn about the history of Tokyo Kingdom from the past till the recent situation. Beside that, you could also enjoy the beauty of Nijubashi bridge, Imperial Residence, and also Fukiage Omiya.

Harajuku is a tourism place which is well known where the people are high interested abut fashion. Out of fashion things, you could also visit Meiji Temple where is located not far from the trade centre. This temple usually used as the wedding ceremony for Japanesse.


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