Daintree Rainforest Facts

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Hey ho nature people! You have just directed to the perfect place where you can find out interesting facts about Daintree rainforest. Daintree rainforest is located on North East Coast of Queensland, Australia. It is about 1,200 square kilometres wide and is considered as the largest tropical rainforest on the continent. For those who immersed theirself to nature, this one natural attraction is the one you have to put on the top list of your itinerary! Let’s check out the top 10 facts about Daintree Rainforest you have to know!

Named after Richard Daintree
The forest is named after Richard Daintree who worked as a photographer and geologist. He was born on December 13th, 1821 and passed away on June 20th 1878. He was the first one to use photography during field trips and exhibit his photographs in 1871. He contributed in discovering goldfields and copper deposit which increases the income of the government.
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Rich in Diversity
The Daintree Forest is the home to hundreds plants and animals. According to the data, there are approximately 230 butterfly species, 222 species of land snails, 663 species of vertebrate animals, and 135 dung beetle species. Some of the unique floras you have never heard are Idiot flower, Blue Quandong, Burrawang Palm, and Wild Ginger. Even though there is hundreds flora live in the forest, there are some you have to avoid like Wait-a-while vine which is covered in small spikes and stinging tree which coated with thousands of microscopic pricks.
Exotic Animals

One of the most iconic animals lives within the forest is the giant bird. This giant bird is well known as Cassowary and listed as one of the endangered animals. The cassowary is the top three biggest bird and is smaller than ostrich and emu. Mostly, Cassowary only consumes fruit and grass seeds, but to some extent, some cassowary will also consume small vertebrates, invertebrates and fungi. Cassowary will attack if they consider the situation dangerous, and capable of causing fatal injuries.
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The Home of Kuku Yalanji
Kuku Yalanji is indigenous Australian people who live in Daintree Forest, and other rainforest regions. The Population of KukuYalanji is believed to reach around 3000 people. Kuku Yalanji people depend on the exploitation of the plants and animals around them and live in a semi-permanent place. They communicate in their own language and is currently learned by two notable researchers who then published the grammar book of the language.
Amazing natural food

One of the most enchanting fruits you will find in Daintree Forest is the exotic fruit Chocolate Pudding Fruit (Diospyros nigra). It is included as the species of dapote, and this food is the favourite fruit loved by many. People usually called this as Chocolate Pudding Fruit due to the colour of the fruit. The Chocolate Pudding Fruit could only live in tropical or subtropical climate and originates from Mexico. Please keep this in mind that this fruit is low in fat and rich in vitamin C, dare to try the uniqueness? Definitely have to put Daintree in your list! 

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