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Labeled as the oldest city in South Africa, doesn’t make Cape Town a boring city. It is indeed the opposite. Cape town never stops to amaze its visitor with its indefinite and limitless beauty. Travelers tend to book flights to Cape Town as a refreshment after a long tiring city life because Cape Town will definitely spoil you with its marvelous scenery of beaches and mountains. The combination of beaches and mountains are majestic, definitely a place you will find nowhere else.Unlike any other cities in South Africa, Cape Town is more relaxed and encouraging its people to live a slow lifestyle. If you are a wine lover, I believe Cape Town is not a new word for you as it is nominated as a place of the award-winning wine. A must see tourist spot in Cape town is sure its vineyards that is blended perfectly with the African architecture. Here are some general pieces of information that have to be taken to your attention if you are planning your holiday or trip to Cape Town.

Cape Town Travel Information
One of the top destinations in Cape Town is Table Mountain. For those who are into mountaineering activities, this attraction is definitely for you to enjoy. This mountain is somehow designed for anyone even for those who don’t usually go hiking, the track will not give you any obstacle. As Cape Town is surrounded by sea, you will definitely enjoy the breathtaking views and scenery visible from the top of the mountain.
Greenmarket square has another story, for those who love to do shopping, this place is definitely what you perceive as heaven. It was a slave market decades ago, but now it has turned into the best flea market in the city. The market is full of jewelry, fabrics, and handmade wares you will find nowhere else!
And Last but not least, the magnificent Robben Island. This island is 7 miles away from Cape Town but believe me, this place is worth to be visited. Once you are on the island, you can feel the liberation spirit that will remind you of the South African Freedom Fighters’ struggle to end apartheid and human rights violation in the area. The island served as a prison for those who fight against government and apartheid, Nelson Mandela is the famous one who spends 27 years in prison. You will also receive a special tour guided by the former of the prisoners.

Cape Town has a super cool climate which sandwiched between winter and summer in Europe. The lowest temperature is 17 degrees Celcius and it is considered as winter in Cape Town. Raining and Windy are most frequent happened during winter combined with sentimental spring breeze. Its moderate climate will comfort your stay in this city.

Best time to travel

There are two alternatives and the choices are up to your liking, the first one is the peak season. It is between November and February when everyone from every corner of the world is coming to witness the summer in the tip of the continent. You can also travel here in autumn and spring because the weather is just perfect, it won't be too cold and there are a lot of festivals scheduled for spring and autumn.


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