Best Place to Exchange Currency When The Holidays


Best Place to Exchange Currency When The Holidays

One of the most important thing you need to prepare well before doing you holiday abroad is changing your country’s currenci to the currency of the country you are going to visit. There are some places you could go to do the exchange, they are money changer, bank, airport, hotel, or even take the money from ATM in the country you visit at. Usually, different place for currency exchange has different currency’s value. There is a place which gives you higher value of currency, and there is also the place that gives you lower exchange. Thus, here are some tips regarding the best place to exchange your currency when you plan to get some holidays abroad.

Money Changer
This is the most favorite place to do the currency exchange, either in the country origin or the abroad. One of the reason to exchange your maney at money changer is because very easy to found,m they are in the edge of the street, in the trade centre, even in the airport. Beside that, money changer usually has high enough value of currency exchange. Make sure you exchange your money in the Authorized Money Changer or the place for exchange money which has got a license. Be warned if you exchange your money at the unlegalized money changer, you may will get broken money, unoriginal money, or even you get lied. For your information, you have to make sure that the money changer you go has a sticker written PVA legalized which is given by Bank Indonesia (Central Bank of Indonesia). However, there is also a possibility that you will not get good value of currency exchange. It would be happened when your destination is not really familiar country for the tourist from your vountry. Let say you are Indonesian, so the countries which are not enough popular are like Vietnam, India, Myanmar, and Cambodia. But dont get worried! We have the solution you may be able to consider. You could change your currency into US$ first, then do the exchange again when you have been in the country you plan to visit. Hence, you could gain higher currency.

The other good place to exchange the currency is Bank. However we suggest you to exchange your currency in your own country rather than do the exchange in the country you plan to visit. This happen because the bank in your original country sometimes give you higher value of currency than the country abroad. Beside that, you had better do the exchange on Monday or Tuesday, when the market just opened, thus you will get good currency.

Exchange your currency in the airport is also a good choice to do the exchange. However, we need to inform you that usually the exchange value in the airport in not as high as the the money changer or the bank will give you, especially the airport from your original country. You may will loss 20% from the value you want to do for the exchange. In the other hand, the airport in the country you plan to visit may give a higher currency value, it depends on the currency you plan to change. Should you have not found the best place to do the currency exchange, we suggest you to do it when you have been arrived at the coountry abroad. However, you need to make sure that you bring familiar currency, such as US$ or Euro, which is gonna help you to find better currency out.

Take the money in the destination country
Taking the money in the country where you visit is also a good choice to exchang your currency, especially when you have no choice at all. For example is when you do bring no more cash in you pocket or when you have not did the currency exchange in your own country. You may use International debit card or credit card, such as Cirrus, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and Plus. This is not only because the exchange value is high enough but also the administration fee is very cheap, usually you get charge for IDR 25,000 for once transaction and the ATM administration fee. You will get extra charge for 2% - 4% from the total amount of money you have taken.  


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