Best 8 Places to Visit Hong Kong


Best 8 Places to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small country with the width of just 2,755 km2, which is smaller than Bali Island, Indonesia, that has width of 5,780 km2. However, Hong Kong is well known as one of Asian country which has been visited by the tourist all over the world. In 2014, there are 27,8 billion tourist visited Hong Kong that enable Hong Kong got US$ 36,376 billion or same with IDR 512,281 million. Hong Kong is nominated as the eleventh most popular tourim place in the world. When you and you family go to Hong Kong, dont get worried to find wonderful tourist place out, from the trade centre, cultural and heritage place, till natural place with amazing scenery. Thus, here are 8 places you must visit at Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak
The first destination you must visit is Victoria Peak. You will find Peak Tower with the height till 396 metre above the sea surface here. Here also provides you The Sky Terrace which gives you 360 degree scenery,thus you could see all the landscape of Hong Kong from the high place. The transportation access to this tourism place is not really hard. You could use MTR access to the Garden Road station and use Peak Tram to go to Victoria Peal. Beside using Peak Tram, you could also go to Victoria Peak by taxi, private car, or even by walking through Old Peak Road. To enable you seeing the wonderful scenery at Sky Terrace which is located on the height of 428 mdpl is of course not free. You will be charged HK$ 75 to get a ticket entering Sky Terrace for once pass and HK$ 88 for go and out ticket. 

Peak Tram
Literally, Peak Tram is a transportation that help you to reach Victoria Peak. It is also a popular tourism activities that the most tourist love. Moreover, Peak Tram is a first wire train in Asia. Peak Tram got operated start from 07.00 a.m. till the midnight with departure duration about 15 minutes. This place is the entering access to several places in Victoria Peak. Start from Sky Terrace, Madame Tussauds Museum, or even The Peak Galleria which is the popular trade centre for world wide celebrities. There are verious type of ticket price. The cheapest price is HK$ 32 for once trip dan HK$ 45 for go and out ticket. There is also combo ticket with HK$ 249 for price that brings you to access Tussaud Museum. 

Madame Tussauds Museum
Still in the area of Victoria Peak, you could also spend your time to visit Madame Tussaud Museum. In this place, you get chance to take a picture with the famous wolrd wide influencers which is coming up with statue form. Start from the famus foot ball player, David Beckam, IP Man Donnie Yen, Elizabeth Queen, and many others.

Victoria Harbor
The next destination is Victoria Harbor, a harbor which is located between Hong Kong island and the area of Kowloon. In this place, you could see the scenery of a harbor with several skyscraper buildings. The great scenery will be get best part at evening. There are several great point to enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor. The first favorite point is The Peak. Besides, you could also see the greatness of Victoria Hrbor from Tsim Sha Tsui promenade area which is located in Kowloon.

Aveneu of Stars
In the Victoria Hrbor, you would find Avenue of Stars. This tourism pace is designed similar with Hollywood Walk of Fame as the way of appreciating the celebrities of Hong Kong. The Avenue of Stars is located in Promaned Tsim Sha Tsui area. The existance of Bruce Lee Statue with the height of 2.5 metre is the icon of Avenue of Stars. This statue was build on 2005 and become the favorite place for tourist which visit it. 

Tsing Ma Bridge
You had better not to miss up your chance to pass Tsing Ma Bridge which is the longest supension bridge in the world. The bridge which was legalized on 1997 has the length of 1,377 metre and width 41 metre. It is interesting that this bridge is not only for the car, but also as the wailway of MRT. For the comfortable experience, there is an information board that could be found around the bridge. For special edition, the scenery of the bridge looks very amazing at night. 

Jumbo Kingdom
Located in the area of Aberden, Hong Kong, Jumbo Kingdom is a culinary tourism place that is very interesting. Here could also find Jumbo Floating Restaurant and Tai Pak Floating Restaurant. Beside enjoying delicious culinar, the sensation is very different as done on a big ship. Jumbo Kingdom is known as a popular place in Hong Kong. Noted more than 30 billion visitors have been in here including Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Cruise, Chow Yun Fat, Stephen show, and David Bowie.  


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