Barcelona Vacation Toplist Attractions this Year! with Wonderful Photos

Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and is the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona has been awarded by European Union as the city with the fourth strongest economy in Europe. Barcelona is well-known as the transportation connector whereas its harbor holds a significant role in Europe and one of the busiest. Besides having strength in the economy, Barcelona also offers a variety of tourist attractions from every corner of the city. Here are Barcelona’s top tourist attractions that supposed to be on your vacation list this year!

La Sagrada Familia
Rated as number one most recommended tourist attractions in Barcelona by  TripAdvisor, beautiful building and accessible, La Sagrada Familia is definitely the main point of your visit to Barcelona. La Sagrada Familia is a church designed by Antoni Gaudy. It has been visited by more than 3 million visitors annually and there are always long lines outside the building for visitors who want to take a look the spectacular interior of La Sagrada Familia –and if you are lucky enough, you will spend less than an hour waiting in line-. If you are inside the church, you will be amazed by the stunning natural light which sneaks from every piece of the window. This place is definitely worth visiting despite the long line and crowd.

Picasso Museum
The next attraction in the list in Picasso Museum. Standing in the Born area, it is considered as Barcelona’s most famous museum. The museum was named after an artist named Pablo Picasso who was originally born in Malaga. In 1895 he moved to Barcelona and started his interest in paintings during his life in Barcelona. His father was an art teacher and people consider Picasso's talent as a miraculous gift, knowing that his father is into art as well. In this museum, there are about 4000 works in the form of sketches and canvases which shows his journey from an art student to a professional artist. Not only the painting, this museum is designed in magnificent gothic style in the Born part of the Old city in Barcelona.

FC Barcelona Museum & Camp Nou Stadium
The Camp Nou Stadium and FC Barcelona Museum are among the most popular attractions in Barcelona which have been attracting millions of visitors a year. There are two alternatives you can choose depending on the time of your visit. If you are lucky enough to visit Barcelona during games, you can witness the football games directly and watch your favorite player running to score a goal. But if you happen to visit the stadium when there are no games, please do make a booking to the stadium and museum tour for this marvelous experience.

Magic Fountain Show

This magic fountain show here in Barcelona is like no other. The Font Magica Fountain was initially built to commemorate Barcelona World Fair in 1929, it attracts 2,5 million visitors each year and there are special light shows fused with the dancing fountain on Friday and Saturday only. If you are a first timer, please be ready to get the chills once the music is played and all those beautiful lights are dancing with the fountain. It is indeed one of the best attractions you couldn't ask for more.

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