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Red Sea Facts
Red sea or well known as Teberau Sea is a bay in the west part of Arabian Peninsula which separates the Asia Continent to Africa. The sea is 200 km width and 1.900 km long, with the most profound point of 1,5 km. With its diverse habitat under the water, it is included as one of the homes of corals and underwater creatures. Even though numerous stories are being shared out there, and all are associated with the Red Sea, until the 20th Century, Europeans call it the Arabian Gulf, while Ptolemy and Herodotus called it Arabicus Sinus. The red sea is well known for the red color of the water. It is no different from other seas in the world. Scientifically, this red color comes from the growing Trichodesmium Erythareum. This name comes due to the rich mineral in Vicinity and red.
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The formation of this peninsula has begun 30 million years ago. Arabian Peninsula and African were once in the same land. But, due to the formation occurred 30 million years ago, the sea begins to appear and separate the two continents. The Sea surface is always constant around 21-25 degree Celsius with a distance of 200 meters. Red sea has a surface area of about 438,000 kilometers square and maximum depth in the central Suakin Through, with an average depth of 490 meters or similar to 1,600 feet.
The Red Sea is located between Asia and Africa. The International Hydrocephalic Organization defines the limits of the Red Sea as written below; on the north part, it is bordered by the Southern limits of the Gulfs of Suez, Shadwan Island, Aqaba, and Southwest point of Tiran Island to the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. On the South part, it is bordered by A line which then joins the Husn Mrad and Ras Siyyan. To be more precise, it the coordinate point on the North border is 27 43’N,  34 02’E, and parallel to 27 27’N. Meanwhile, on the South, a line with these coordinate point (12 40’N, 43 30’E and 12 29’N, 43 20’E ) is bordered the Red Sea.
The Red Sea is located in the Middle of Asia and Africa, which then separate the two continent. It is also between arid land, desert, and semi-desert. The Reef System is better developed compared to the Red Sea, mainly because of the greater depth and the efficient water circulation pattern.
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The earliest Exploration is well known pioneered by Ancient Egyptias. This is to explore and establish the routes to Punt. This expedition was taken place around 2500 before Century. The next exploration is happened 1000 years later, by Hatsheputs. In the Middle Age Era, The Red Sea is important and essential for trade as it is the part of the peice trade route. In 1513, Afonso de Albuquerque laid Seige to Aden in order to secure the path to Portugal. They are the first European to have sailed the area.  About two hundred years later, Napoleon invade Egypt and take control of the Red Sea, as it is believed as one of the most important and essential water to be sailed.

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