6 Most Popular France Cities for International Visitors

France, the home of romanticness and fairytales. It is also one of the most multicultural countries in Europe. As the first time, I stepped my feet in France, I fear people might see me different because I come from another country! But, hella no! They literally respect me and there are a quite number of people who come from another corner of the world like me! There are just too many cities in France that you cannot miss, they will spoil you with every inch of beauties you cannot find any other else, do not forget to mention that their language is one of the most beautiful languages on earth! Get ready to get yourself spoiled by every inch of its beauty, hereby have summed up the 6 most popular France cities for International Visitors! Check them out

1.        Paris
The one and only Paris, the home of Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Louvre. The best city for lovers, and is the largest city in Paris. The population is around 2,250 million with its multicultural society. There are a quite number of iconic sites which has been recognized, such as; Notre-Dame Cathedral, Montmartre, Louvre, and of course the most iconic Eiffel Tower. The Museum in Paris is also one of the best, the leading museum that everyone been dreaming to visit is Louvre. The line can be crazy during the holiday as it is free for international students! Last but not least, Eiffel tower is the most beautiful at 6 O’clock! They will lit all the lights and you will definitely drop your jaw for the show!
2.       Arles
Arles was once the Roman Capital and turned to be the center for religious activities during Middle Age. Its golden age was during Julis Caesar leadership when he took Marseille in 49 BC, Arles was functioned as the major port at that time. Besides its port, Arles is also famous with its Roman Teather that was built since 27-15 BC. Even though there is not much of the building that we could see, we can feel its amazing history from the attractive ruins that used to seat 12,000 people per show. Another magical Roman heritage is Les Arenes, the 1st-century amphitheater that can accommodate 20,000 spectators, equipped with cage for animals and backstage area.
3.       Biarritz on the Atlantic Coast
Biarritz was once known as the most fashionable resort in France and was built by Napoleon II. There are a lot of things you see from the city, like the gracious mansion, place de l’Atalye and the old port. Biarritz is well known as the Monte Carlo of France’s Atlantic coast which has a manifold collection of tropical fish to witness!

4.        Provence
Well known as the home of charming cities, which could lead you to travel time. There many architectures in line with 17th and 18th centuries style with tree alongside the building. This is a great place to stroll for a peaceful evening wall, there are also several places to visit like Cathedral St-Sauveur, the Quartier Mazarin, the Tapestry Museum, and many more
5.       Amient
The Cathedral in Amient is the most famous, tourists are recommended to come on the summer so that you can witness the son-et-lumiere or sound and light show that will dance over the largest Gothic cathedral in France. Besides its religious side, there are a lot more you can explore in Amient. If you are craving for arts, Amient has its famous Musee de Picardie which you can find famous art collection inside, like; Puvis de Chavannes paintings, and a room created by Sol le Witt.

6.       Avignon
Last but not least, we have a dreamy city to conclude our list of Top 6 Cities in Paris for International Visitors. Avignon is regarded as a theatrical city which blends with the religious side. Avignon was famous with its Palais de Papes that was built by Popes Clement V who moved their headquarters from Rome to Avignon at the time. The palace is equipped with fortress, hall, park, and audience rooms.

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