6 Foods You Must Eat for Dieting During the Holidays


6 Foods You Must Eat for Dieting During the Holidays

Hello happy traveler! For you guys who oftenly open our web page, you must always find our article talking or informing information regarding traveling, whether the great recommended destination for trip, tips for the traveler, and any other related to topic about traveling. This opportunity, we want to give something new to our readers, something to refresh our content, something that is not only dedicated fot the traveler, but anyone outside the travel lover. Yess, we are going to talk about Diet! Are you guys the one who run the diet program? Are you the one who wants to loose your weight? This is the right place to absorb the information. We deliver to you 6 (six) foods you must eadt for dieting during the holidays. Well, actually this is not only good foods for holidays only, but also in anytime you wish you eat it for helping you diet program. We start it from the food as food is crucial or essential thing that affect you weight.
Here are 6 foods which is going to help you to decrease your weight:

1.      Vegetable
Vegetable contains lots of fiber, mineral, and vitamins, also contains no fat. Thus, this is gonna be the good food to be consumed if you want to do a healthy diet. Some of vegetables are good to eat without cooking process, but there is also kind of vegetable which must be cooked before served. This healthy diet food with the red colour contains lycopene that is easly absorbed by our body after get heaten. 

2.    Fruits
Fruits are also the good food that supports you do your diet program as it contains no fat. The high vitamins, minerals, and fiber also help you to keep your body healthy and smooth your digestive system. The best time to consume the fruits is when they have been cut. However, if you do not really like eating fruits when they have been into the dice shape, you could process it by blending it into a juice. Why is it good to blend your fruit? Because it will be easier and quicker to get absorbed by your body. Also, do not use extra sugar or even you had better blend your fruit without any sugar. You can not deny that sugar is one of bad food that beat you diet program down as it contains high calory.

3.    Seeds
This seeds is healthy diet food which is high of protein, fiber, and vitamin. Beside oat and corn, the other seeds you could eat is peanuts. Avoid additional salt, sugar, and processing with oil or other fat food source to keep your body slim.   

4.    Non-fat beef
Beef is the best source of protein. However, this best protein source will be changed become bad food if you cook it with beef’s fat or any other additional oil. So that, you had better to choose the non-fat beef and or do not cook the beef with oil or margarine to avoid the extra bad fat.

5.    Oatmeal
Oatmel is food with high fiber and able to absorb the fat inside your body. Hence, this healthy food is very good to be consumed when you have not eaten anything yet in the morning. You could mix it with fruits, non fat milk to make it more tasty and contains more nutrition. But, please make sure you will not add extra sugar in it. 

6.    Fish
This diet menu is rich of Protein and Omega-3 which is good for your body. Although it has fat, the fat of fish is very good and very needed by our body to break down the unusefull fat. The best way to cook fish is by boiling it or othe ways which is not fried or away from the oil.


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