5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Germany

Besides frankwurst and its delicacy, Germany has so many iconic sites you definitely have to visit. Germany is located in central-western Europe next to Belgium, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic and is the most populous member of European Union. For those who love football I believe, you are so familiar with Germany as their team make it to the World Cup and get to bring home the trophy in 1954, 1974, 1990, and 2014. Germany is the home of music, art, literature, and philosophy, which have been documented in its museums.  There are just too many choices that can spoil your eyes, your ears, and your tongue in Germany, so here we are summing up 5 top rated tourist attractions in Germany! Let’s check it out!

1.        Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate
Being one of the most iconic sites in Germany makes this building famous among tourists. There are millions of people who have visited this site annually. Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate was built for King Frederick William II in 1791. The height of this building is 26 meters and is following the model of Acropolis in Athens. There is a four-horse chariot sit at the top of the gate with six huge column sustains the whole gate which forms five alleyway for traffic. One of the alleyways is served for royal carriages only.

2.       The Black Forest
Outdoor activities never stop to enchant us. The Magnificent Black Forest which has been famous for tourists is dark, and densely-wooded hills. This is one of the most favorite forests in Europe and people from any corner of the world have been dreaming of visiting this forest for many various activities. It is located in the southwestern region and is 160 km long from Waldshut to Pforzheim. This Black forest is hiker’s heaven as there are pretty valleys laid inside it. Not only that you will be spoiled by nature, there are quite a lot any other choice of activities you have to try. The famous spa of Baden-Baden, Bad Leibenzell Resort, Triberg Falls, and the Black Forest Open Air Museum.

3.       Neuschwanstein
The home of fairy tales, this castle offers you an ultimate experience of being a Disney princess! Neuschwanstein is one of  Europe’s most famous royal castle and is located in Fussen between Allgaeu and Ammergau, the home of the alpine resort and winter sports center. This magnificent building was built by King Ludwig II since 1869 to 1886 and was built with a quite number of towers. This castle is the inspiration of Walt Disney’s famous castle which pops up in every single Walt Disney's movie and is open to public!

4.       King’s Lake
Offering the true beauty of mother nature, this well-known Konigssee –that’s how we call it- will leave you speechless once you witness the true definition of paradise. This lake will spoil you with its peacefulness and is the heaven for walkers. It is located near Salzburg and is famous for its attractive footpath along the east side of King’s lake. Besides, there is another option to enjoy the attractiveness of this place. It is a boat trip to Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomew at the south side of the lake. Another spot you cannot miss if you are visiting King’s Lake is the famous Berchtesgaden which is the most popular mountain resorts in the Bavarian Alps.

5.       Sanssouci Park and Palace
Last but not least, we have Postdam on the list! Sanssouci Park and Palace is the example that even a park can leave you mesmerized. This park was designed between 19744 and 1956 with the influence of Frederick the Great. There are more than 3000 fruit trees and a quite number of greenhouses, do not forget its famous Baroque flower garden that will leave you enchanted. The park was built in front of the Rococo building, which is the Palace itself with its famous elliptical dome.

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