4 Step for Traveling Around the World


4 Steps For Traveling Around the World

Happy traveler, welcomeback with us, Summerplay, to give you worldwide information regarding traveling and any other information you need to know when you plan your adventurious trip. Traveling in many places and many countries in a day sometimes give you a cheaper budget you need to pay rather than traveling in many places and countries at different time. Actually, one of the secret strategy you need to undesrtand in about planning you trip carefully and reserve the ticket eralier. You will not need too much budget, but you could travel in several beautiful places in a short time and the great experience will be on your hand and left for you entire life. So, we are gonna talk bout the tips to travel around the world that gives you less stressfull. Here we go!

1.        Plan your trip in one ticket for traveling around the world.
This kind of ticket will be cheaper than you buy lots of ticket for one trip. The biggest flight ally that offer the one ticket for worldwide traveling is Star Alliance and Oneworld. The Star alliance is the bigger company that the wprldwide.
Star Alliance sells ticket based on how many Km your traveling will go and offer several additional pass around 47,000 ; 55,000 ; and 63,000 Km. For the comparison, 47,000 Km you could travel to the 3 continents (excluded United States of America), 55,000 bring you to go to 4 continents, and 63,000 will travel you to 5 continents. The more Km package you buy, the more destinations you will get. Every pass give you up to 15 stopover and you are free to buy the economic, business, or the first class of flight. The Star Alliance has you to start and finish your destination at the same country, different town is fine.
Oneworld offers you two kinds of different pass, the first is based on the segment and the other pass is based on mileage or the trip distance. Global Exploler is more convensional Oneworld ticket based on the mileage. There 3 levels, they are 42,000 ; 47,000 ; and 63,000 Km for the economic class. There is also 55,000 Km for the business class and first class.
The trip by the airplane generally uas the most expensive way. Use the ticket price comparison website, sunch as Travelsupermarket, Skyscanner, and others.

2.       Use frequent-flyer mile offer from the credit card
Should you has good credit notes, enough saving, and are not afraid using the credit card, you could get thousand mileage to pay your ticket. There are thousands offer you could use, and most of the bank has various kinds of credit card which works together with the flight company, such as American Airlines Citi Card. You must pay lots of money in a time, but you must be also getting the big things, such as many thousands kilometers of flight. You may need 120,000 to get worldwide traveling ticket.

3.       Consider using the alternative ways for traveling
For most of people, frequent flyer miles is not a possible choice because taking deeper thought and the money of course. Fortunately, there are cheaper choice and more interesting that will give you more exiting experience.
Traveling with train. In the US, you are able to travel by Amtrak train. For the non European, the trip in Europe could be done with pass Eurail. For the European, using the Internal pass will be very beneficial. At the Asia, Trans-Siberian rail is connecting the Moskow and Beijing where you could connect to Shanghai, then to the Tokyo.
Traveling with Bus. Greyhound could be used for the trip at US. When you travel to europe, the Eurolines is a choice to have a trevel to around 50 cities.
Traveling with ferry.  The voyage could be a good choice to save money. Cunard helds translatic voyage, they are New York to Hamburg which gives you $1400 for the price.

4.      Make sure whether you need to proceed your visa or not
You must be avoiding get trapped in Saigon, where the security bark you with difficult english to understand that has you to come to Hongkong again. In a certain country, you must pay a very expensive fee to get the Visa when you have been in that country. So, it will be better uf you have got your Visa before you arrive in your destination. The days you plan to live in and your nationality are important factor. For the western people, it may looks loke they could travel easy wherever they go, but actually it is not always working so. Collect as much information as you can regarding the destination first to make sure that you Visa would be accepted easily when you need to extend your trip. When you in and out to the same country, learn the process as well. You may need different type of the Visa. 


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