10 Attracting Place in Indonesia


10 Attracting Place in Indonesia

Vacation is one of the best way to release all stressfull due to our routine and jobs which is very boring. For Indonesian, you guys dont need to travel abroad or spending too much money in the expensive trade centre, beacuse Indonesia has also a lot of interesting place you must visit everytime you plan a trip. However, for you guys who is non Indonesian, this is must to get a trip to Indonesia. One of the most exotic place you will ever have. That could be started from the beach, mountains, pond, jungle, and many other places you must visit. All those beautiful destinations only could be found in this country, Indonesia. So, here are 10 places you must visit in Indonesia from Sabang till Merauke:

Sumurtiga Beach
Lets explore the west part of Indonesia, Sabang. You could find so many interesting tourism place youmust visit in this place. One of them is Sumurtiga Beach which is located in Sabang, Aceh Province. This white sandy beach has a long sea line with a light blue sea water, also the coconut trees which are spread along the seasore. Do not get surprised if people state the Sumurtiga Beach as the Hawii of Sabang. Beside doing surfing, the thing you could enjoy is snorkeling under the sea. No need worry for the living place as there are many cottage you could find which exist along the sea.

Toba Lake
Indonesian may be very familiar with Toba Lake, are not you? Probably some of foreigners have known this tourism place as well. The beauty of Toba Lake with Samosir island in the cetre of it has been successfully attracted tourist, not only local but also international tourist. This lake is a huge lake which was made up from the activities of volcano mountain. Toba Lake has a lenght of 100 km and width 30 km and called as the most beautiful volcano lake Indonesia ever has. The visitor could also enjoy the warm water, enjoy the waterfall, and pine tress . The location you could enjoy is not only the lake itself, as there are two tourism villages inside the Samosir Island, they are Tomok and Tuktuk.

Ngarai Sianok
In the West Sumatra, especiallya Bukittinggi has many beautiful tourtims places you can not miss. One of them is Ngarai Sianok. For you guys who has not been understood how Ngarai Sianok is, this place is a small valley with steep hills surround it. There is small river flowing on the centre of it. Beside cycling, you could do trekking or happy walking, and enjoying the calmness of Ngarai Sianok by yourself. Beacuse of the it’s calmness, Ngarai Sianok is called silent valley.

Kampar River
Have you ever imagined how it feels for surfing in the river? We may be more familiar do surfing as the water sport which could only be done in a beach with the huge wave. Should you visit Riau, all those theory are totally out of date. Why? Kampar River is the awesome places to do sport water. It is very famous with its Bono wave which the wave reach the height until 6 metre/ looking for a great place for anti-mainstream surfing? Here is the place.

Riau does not only have Kampar River. This province is great place with amazing and awesome natural scenery you can not miss up. Just like Raja Ampat, Anambas was called the best Tropical Archipelago in Asia for CNN version. The blueish and white sandy also the coral in beach could enjoy your eyes.

Muaro Jambi Temple
You may be very familiar with Prambanan and Borobudur Temple. However, have you ever heard about Muaro Jambi Temple? This is the biggest area of Hindu-Buddha temple in Indonesia. Muaro Jambi Temple is the heritage from Sriwijaya Kingdom and Melayu Kingdom which is predicted has been established since the year 11 century. This place was nominated as Kawasan Wisata Sejarah Terpadu.

Peucang Island
The most west area of Java Island exist a very awesome tourism place you could not miss, that is Peucang Island. This island is located in the east side of National Park Ujung Kulon and has been nominated as the world heritage site by UNESCO. So many flora and fauna from Banten, such as mouse deer, Javanesse bull, green peacock, and others could be found in this island. You need to cross the harbor in Sumur district to reach it.

Kawah Putih (White Creater)
Kawah Putih is located in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. Located about 50 km from the south of Bandung, this place is a volcano lake which was made up by the Patuha Mountain eruption. The unique you will find out is the water of this lake could change every time the sulphure affects it, also the climate, temperature as well. I suggest you to bring jacket as the weather is very cold which is the result from its height of 2,400 dpl. The ticket is very affordable, that is IDR 15,000. In this location, there are many facilities you could get, they are mushola for muslim, restaurant, parking lot.

Siung Beach
Yogyakarta is the paradise of tourism place. The culture, heritage, culinary, and also the beach. Ons of the most beautiful beach Yogyakarta has is Siung Beach. It is located in Gunugkidul, Yogyakarta. Not only the white sandy beach, the atmosphere is very calm and enjoyable. Hence, this place is gonna be the great place ever for relaxing your mind. You will take two hours from the centre of city. Use you personal vehicle when you plan to visit this beach.

Kedung Pedut
Still talking the tourism place in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is also good for its waterfall. Kedung Pedut waterfall is located in Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, a water tourism place which is great to release your stressfull. Here, you could play with water till the dawn without any extra budget. The uniqe thing from this waterfall is it has two water’s color, they are blue and white. To reach the waterfall, you need to walk along 15 minutes from the parking lot.


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