Where is Big Ben?

Going to Big Ben alone without any company as a first timer might leave you nervous. Please don’t be, because London provides you a million ways to reach your sightseeing destination without facing any difficulties. Being labeled as one of the most famous tourist attractions in London makes this building widely well-known. 

Elizabeth Tower is more than 95 m tall which is visible from a quite distance. It was built a decade after The Palace of Westminster was wiped out by fire in 1834, and people agreed upon building a new building for the Houses of Parliament which include a huge clock and a tower. Big Ben has been through a lot of refinement to make it as it is today! The first bell was cracked that it cannot be used for a long time and is irreparable, there was also this event where the metal was melted down because of the high temperature and being recast in Whitechapel a year later. A few months later, the Bell was cracked but they manage to repair the bell so that it can still chime as we hear it today.

Big Ben could be found in the Elizabeth Tower, it is the North End of the Palace of Westminster. To be more precise, it is in Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, UK. It is at the Palace of Westminster or people also called it the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, Central London. The Building is close to the river Thames, a 346 km long river which flows through Southern part of England including London. There are a lot of alternatives you can choose to get yourself to Big Ben. The common one is by bus, as it is one of the easiest transportation and could be found anywhere in London. There are several London Buses which pass Elizabeth Tower. This double-decker buses are affordable and comfortable, which also facilitates you with English scenery along the way. There are for bus routes which stop near Houses of Parliament, they are Route 139, Route 24, Route 148 and Route 159.

The second one is River Bus, Westminster pier is next to the building and there is a quite number of river bus provided as one of the alternatives transportation to get to Big Ben. The boats are facilitated with refreshments and you can see London’s famous landmarks by boat or, we called it river bus. To get to Big Ben, you have to be dropped off at Westminster Pier. The last one is going to Big Ben by tube train. Tube Train is an underground railway which leads you to any corners of London. There are three tube lines stop near Big Ben, they are tube – CIRCLE, Tube – DISTRICT, and Tube – JUBILEE and you can get off in Westminster. After successfully found your way to Elizabeth tower, you need to walk 399 steps from the ground to the top of the Elizabeth tower to reach Big Ben. Big Ben its self is the nickname for the Great Bell of the Clock and laid inside the Magnificent Elizabeth Tower. The beautiful melody you heard periodically is the sound of Big Ben, the Great Bell of the Clock at the Westminster Palace.

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