Visit Sanur Beach Bali,Indonesia


Visit Sanur Beach Bali,Indonesia

Hello good traveler! How is your traveling hourney you have made all these days? The topic for today article is telling you about one of the tourist’s favorite places in Bali, the exotic island which is recommended to visit. Yeah, I am really sure that most of you have been understood that Bali is the part of Indonesia. Bali! What do you after heard the name of this island? Do you expect Kuta Beach, or probably Jimbaran? Oh now we provide you an information about Sanur Beach. The other exotic beach which gives you different perspective of beach in Bali. Sanur Beach Bali is white sandy beach which has been very famous all around the world. You would never meet an empty Sanur Beach as lots of tourist, local and international tourist, are always come and enjoy this beach everyday. Because every single beach has it’s own uniqueness and special thing not to be forgotten, Sanur Beach Balis could be one your destination when visiting Bali.

Start the information from Sanur Beach’s history. How this beach became as famous as nowaday. It was started to get published on year 1938 by the Belgian artist, A.J. Le Mayeur, who got married with Balinessee woman, Ni Polok. The way how A.J. Le Mayeur introduced Sanur Beach was by making an International painting exhibition with the theme of Sanur Beach. Hence, this beach got more famous in the international. The fact that you need to know is that Sanur Beach is the pioneer of International tourism place which exist in Bali. The main attracting things Sanur Beach has are the beauty and purity of white sandy beach, calm sea waves and  which is safe enough for kids to swim. Also, for you guys who is thebeginner of diving and snorkeling, this place would be the right place to start as the wave is not dangerous. Another good thing from Sanur Beach is the best spot to enjoy the sun rise. Also, you could see a lot of ships along the seasore.

Sanur Beach provides you some interesting activities to do. Swimming is recommended to do. However, this beach does not support you to do surfing. The other beach activities you cant miss during you vacation at Sanur Beach are seawalker Bali, scuba diving, snorkeling, and cano boat. Should you have kids and bring them to enjoy this beach, they could swim and or play football at the beach  sand. Besides, this place also support you to introduce your kids about sea world and playing the seawalker in Sanur. For the jogging lover, it also supports this activity while enjoying the beautiful sunset along the seasore. Hence, no need to worry if you escape a sunrise in the morning. Like what I have said before that you could enjoy the sunset every twilight. Like I have said above, cano water sport is one of the beach activities you would love to do. Only by spending IDR 20,000, this quite hard water sport is in your hand. Enjoying the cano as much as you want safely.

When you have been tired for your exiting beach activities, it is time for culinary tourism, just go eat the cuisine you could enjoy. The special cuisine of Sanur Beach is fish soup and nasi campur with chicken with the special taste of Bali. You could go to Warung Mak Beng with menus fish soup and fried fish. You have also go to Made Wati as your other choice to buy nasi campur . One thing you need to know is in this restaurant you have to wait for quite lone for 45 minutes to wait for, but it will be worth to eat. Travelling around Sanur will not be that difficult as public or rent transportation exist to help you reach the place you need to visit. The public transportation you could go with is Taxi. For other choice, motorcycle and car rental are also available hence you could drive the transportation you have rent by yourself. Only for rent of car which provides the personal driver to help you driving it. Bycicle is the great choice as well to be your transportation or just the tools that support you playing at the sandy beach.

So, do not miss every single chance to visit Sanur Beach, Bali. Go read and stay tune on our annual traveling article, Happy Traveler!


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