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Hello, traveler! Are you looking for the comprehensive information regarding Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? You’ve opened the right website and we will satisfy you with the information you are looking for. Here we are, let’s check this out! Grand Canyon is the well-know traveling destination which is located in Arizona, United State of America. This is carved by the Colorado River and the best vacation destination for the exotic nature. Grand Canyon is actually the steep canyon which is split by the zig zag Colorado River. This is rocky, barren, but it remains beautiful. Grand Canyon gives you various choices of satisfying activities that help you enjoy your holidays. You could get beautiful and wonderful sightseeing, which could be done from the South Rim. Beside the casual sightseeing, Grand Canyon gives you fancy facilities such as skydiving, rafting, hiking, running, and helicopter tours. Those activities are very popular among the Grand Canyon lovers.

The whole part of Grand Canyon is divided into four gates, they are North gate, South gate, West gate, and East gate. For you guys who is interested to reach this great destination, you could drive the car from Las Vegas for 4 hours and 13 minutes. This is necessary to check the temperature of it before starting your traveling. Make sure that you have prepared all the stuffs that help you to make your body warm. The scenery you will get during the traveling from Las Vegas to reach Grand Canyon indulge your eyes and imagination for each of its inches. The overlay of wide desert makes you feel satisfied. You will also pass through the Hover Dam that stem the Colorado River. You may sometimes are going to see he crow and cayote, kind of wild goat. Should you want to know more about the native clan of America, Grand Canyon West is the best side of it. When you want to travel to Grand Canyon West, after two hours riding, you will be at the last point for the car is forbidden to continue the riding.

Grand Canyon West is a home all at once as the reservation area for the native clan of America, the Hualapai. The Hualapai is more popular well known as the Indian clan. Don’t be surprised, you will be welcomed by board “Welcome to The Hualapai Nation”. From the Hualapai Indian Reservation, you will come into The Grand Canyon by using a helicopter. This native clan of America, Hualapai People, do protect the purity of their land by making some strict rules regarding smoking and rubbish. You must pay attention on the rules they have made and obey them. If you are a smoker, they have you to smoke only at a certain place that has been ordered as the smoker. Do not ever disobey the rules they have made, because you will be charged by hundreds US Dollar as the fine.

You have been arrived from the helicopter, the guide brings you to the dock to cross Colorado River by using boat. If you are get your lucky, you will be able to catch the Big Horn, kind of Mountain Goat, which is located in the Canyon Valley. After you have finished all the trip, you could also enjoy the Indian Cuisine. By using the bus, you will be driven to the place where you could enjoy your meal. Beside the meal, the place gives you another tour place that is similar with a farm. This farm is not only providing beautiful scenery and food, but also a souvenir store. For you who wants to buy some souvenirs from Grand Canyon, this place could be the option. Don’t miss every single chance for exploring the Grand Canyon.
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