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The Louvre Museum is one of the most popular destination in France. It is the worlds largest art museum and historic monument in Paris. It is also the most visited museum in the world since it has many impressive arts collection. If you love arts,  you must visit this museum,  since it has a lot of collections of art . You will find many famous arts works here such us Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is displayed in this museum. 

Previously, Louvre Museum is private collection of King Francis I. The collection increased by donations and purchases until now it has over one million works of art. The museum was opened for the public at first time in year 1763.The collections of the museum spread out over three wings of the former palace. They are Sully Wings, Richelieu Wings and Denon Wings. The Most visited wing in this museum is Denon wing.  Many people came to demon wing to site the portrait of Mona Lisa on the first floor at Denon Wing.

At the firs and ground floors of the Sully wing, you can see works from the enormous collection of antiquities. While in the second floor of Sully wing there are a collection of French paintings, drawings and prints. While in the Richelieu wing you will find Paintings from the middle Ages up to the nineteenth century from across Europe are on the second and the Louvre's extensive collection of sculptures at the ground and lower ground floor of Richelieu wing. In the Denon wing you can find the collection of Roman and Etruscan.  There is also collection of sclupture frombthe Renaissance to the nineteenth century at the groind floor of the Denon Wing. at the ground floor of the Denon wing there also displayed many artifacts from Africa,  Asia,  Oceania,  and America.  On the lower ground floor of the Denon wing are displayed medieval sculptures from Europe.

 The Louvre Museum is built first at twelfh century by King Philip Ii and then it is expanded at fourteenth century during King Charles V period. Another tourist magnet of this museum is The Louvre pyramid at the entrance of this museum.  The Louvre pyramid built in 1989 and designed by American architect I. M Pei.


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