Top 5 places Most Famous Destination in Paris


Paris is the capital of French and the most populous city in French with over 12 million people living there. Paris has been known as the most romantic and beautiful city. Everything in Paris is just too wonderful to be missed, from the fashion, culture and history is very interesting to explore. Over 45 million tourists visited Paris every year. Here is the most famous destination in Paris.

5.Eiffel Tower
Talking about romantic journey destination in Paris, it wouldn’t be completed before visiting Eiffel Tower, I t is one of the iconic landmark in Paris. The towers that have 324 meters in height, has three levels for the visitors, with restaurants on the first and second level. If you are in the top of the tower you will see beautiful view of Paris. It would be better if you visit it at night, because the light from the city lamp is just very beautiful to capture.

Montmartre is a large hill in Paris. It is 130 meters high. It is should be one of the places in your itinerary to go in Paris. You can get the experience of walking in the footsteps of some artists such as Renoir, Picasso and Van Gogh, and feel the atmosphere of Montmartre. The bohemian architecture of Montmartre could be your source of inspiration. Many things you can do in Montmartre, from dining in the best restaurants in Montmartre and visit historical sites with beautiful architecture.  The most popular place in Montmartre is The Basilica of Sacre Coeur. It is white domed church in the top of the hill. It is open daily from 6.00 a.m. and closed at 11.00 p.m., and it is free entry.

3.Ponts des Arts
Ponts the Arts, pedestrian bridge that connected Louvre Museum and Institute France, is must visited place to go in Paris with your partner in life. Put love lock in this bridge is such a tradition here

2.Louvre Museum
If you are interested in arts, you must visit Louvre Museum. It is the world’s largest art museum and historic monument in Paris.You can see many artworks here, such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Winged Victory of Samothrace and Kodeks Hammurabi.

1.Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral is the most famous of the Gothic Cathedral of the Middle Age. It is the most visited monument in France. Visitors can also feel the freshness of Seine River around the Cathedral. You can also enjoy the view of Paris in the top of this building. The beautiful garden outside the cathedral is also most citizen favorite place

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