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Hi Travelers! Looking for the outstanding information about travelling? Here is the best website you are looking for. Gorgeous tour destination? Wohoo, Las Vegas has the answer of your question. Yes, Grand Canyon! We have discussed about the Grand Canyon at the basic information for the latest article. In this chance, we are going to talk about the tempting part of it. What is that? Yeah Grand Canyon Skywalk, travelers. This place has been exist for ten years, as it was opened year 2007. From the skywalk around 70 feet behind and 3 miles away in front of it, you could see the rim of Grand Canyon. Two thousands feet on air is the best place of adrenaline challanging spot. This is going to be the unforgettable and unique experience of enjoying the nature from the high place upon the land and it feels like you are standing near the cloud. You would also learn brief explanation through gallery about Hualapai People. Should you want to reach the Grand Canyon Skywalk, this is just in the East of Las Vegas, located at Hualapai Indian Reservation. It means that Grand Canyon Skywalk is defenitely located at the West gate of Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon skywalk open from 7 a.m to 7 p.m everyday including the holiday. Alert! The ticket in winter season is last sold to enter at 4.30 p.m.

Entering the Grand Canyon Skywalk, you need to buy the ticket. Gaining the complete facilities, you should buy the Legacy Gold Package. What you are going to get from the Legacy Gold Package? This ticket includes entrance fee to the Hualapai Tribal Lands, meal at the viewpoint of your choice, hop-on-hop-off shuttle to all three points, photo opportunities with the Hualapai Members, and skywalk ticket to walk on the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon. There is also additional purchase for the professional photography but only for a certain aim, when you want to take some self pictures with the beautiful secenery. It could be got from the gift shop of Skywalk. One thing you need to remember, traveler! Cell phone  and or personal cameras are not allowed on the Skywalk itself. In the case you bring the personal belonging, this is a must to store them into the locker before entering the Skywalk. 

Skywalk of Grand Canyon was made by the glass with the U-shaped cantilever 70 (seventy) feets from the Grand Canyon’s rim. This destination is also aimed to support and boost the economic of Hulapai Indian Tribe. The unforgettable tour opportunities is in your hand, you will get helicopter rides to Colorado River, cowboy cookouts, horse riding on the canyon rim and rafting trips. Here we are the several packages of Skywalk tour. Grand Voyager with Skywalk Tour, this tour includes the aeroplane trip from the Boulder City to the bottom of the Grand Canyon West. Beside that, it is also gonna be helicopter flight to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Talking about the food, it is also including a Barbecue lunch on the canyon rim. West rim Bus Tour, this is started with a Hoover Dam’s photo stop, and also you will travel thorugh the mystique of Mojave Desert. You need to know that the helicopter will fly into the bottom of canyon and you will find a boat that has been waiting for you. After the boat trip, you are going to walk on the Skywalk of Grand Canyon. Dont be worried, lunch voucher will be in your hand after arrived at the skywalk. Surround the Grand Canyon Skywalk is found the Eagle Point. This Eagle Point provides you with its restaurant. Beside that, you could also get the advanture of Native American Village including traditional dance performed by the Hualapai people. Just make sure that you get tons of learning regarding culture and traditionn of Native America people.

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