Jaw-Dropping Facts you Don’t Know Inside Big Ben

As one of the most iconic landmarks in London, Big Ben has always been the first destination to be visited in the country of the royals. Big Ben refers to a Great Bell of a clock on the Elizabeth Tower. It is located in London, at the north of the Westminster Palace and listed as one of the must-see attractions in London. The designer of Big Ben Augustus Pugin, applied a neo-gothic style which then beautifies this four-faced chiming clock which stands 315 tall from the ground (approximately, 96 meters). Here are some mesmerizing facts you should know, laid Inside Bin Ben.  Here they are;

The first time you step into Elizabeth Tower, you will automatically see a long stair which consists of 334 steps that will lead you to the top of the tower. On your way to the top of the tower, there laid a huge circular glasses which is part of the Clock and right behind the glass, you will see a group of light bulb which also forms a circle. The purpose of the light bulb is to provide lights at night so that people can still see Big Ben even when it is dark. Long before light bulb and electricity were found, Big Ben was illuminated by gas lamps which have to be lighted every single night by the clock guard. The clock guard also has to stay awake and make sure that the gas lamps stay lit through the night.
Second, If you keep walking through the four face of the clock, it will lead you to the great clock. The great clock is a quiet room which ticks every single second and is the main machine of Big Ben. Great Clock consists of Chiming Train, Striking Train, The Going Train as well as The Escapement. One of the magical features in the Escapement is that there is a pendulum with its famous pennies. The pennies have its own role to keep the pendulum swinging correctly. The pennies function as the accelerator of the pendulum. If the clock is late, the guard will add pennies to accelerate the pendulum speed and will remove the pennies if the clock is earlier than the correct time. As one of the most accurate clock in the world, the machine keeps Big Ben accurate within two seconds a week.
After 334 steps, you will find yourself standing at the top of the tower where a belfry is freely hanging and weighs 13,5 tons. Big Ben chimes 156 times a day or 56,940 times a year! In the past 150 years, Big Ben has chimed more than 8,541,000 times. The chimes buzz at 118 decibels which obliged you to put on ears protector if you are only a few meters from the belfry at the top of the building. Big ben buzzes around the capital and the melody of the quarter bells chime is called Westminster Chimes.  There are three important dates to mark the marvelous history of Big Ben, the first one is the date Big Ben was cast on 10th April 1958, the second one is the first time Big Ben started working on 31st May 1859, and the last one is the first chimed Big Ben has ever made, on 11th July 1895.

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