Hidden Facts about the Pyramids That you don't know


The ancient pyramids of Giza are ancient pyramids shaped masonry structure located in Egypt. The ancient pyramids of Giza consist of three big pyramids and one sphinx. These are Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. These pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians over 5000 years ago. It is believed that pyramids took only 20.000 workers that used wooden implement with ropes and pulleys within 20 year to build the Great Pyramid. There are no exact theory on how was the pyramids built. Even though the construction of pyramids used limited resources  and tools in the past, we have not been able recreate them now that have modern technology.  These are the top ten reasons the pyramids of Giza could prove that advanced ancient technology existed.

   1   Mortar of Unknown Composition

It is estimated about 500.000 tons of mortar were used during the construction of the Great Pyramids. The modern technology cannot recreate this mortar. The mortar is mostly made of processed 
gypsum, and it wasn’t used like the cement we use for our modern-day bricks. The amazing thing is, these mortars are stronger than the stones and have remained in place for thousand years.

   2    Size and Weight Of Materials

Several of Giza Pyramids are counted among the largest structure ever built. It is consist of 2.3 million stone blocks that weigh 2.5 to 15 tons apiece. From bottom to the top, the stone blocks are cut evenly with great precision. How could this happen in that year where no architects exist. The total weight of these pyramid are approximately 6, 5 million ton. With that number of blocks it is still unknown on how the workers move that blocks.

   3    Tunnel Systems

The tunnel system in Pyramids also wonderful. The tunnel systems are carved from lime stock bedrock. Archeologist also found discovered 20 boxes cut with precision from Aswan granite in the mazes beneath the pyramids. Each box weighs in at 100 tons a piece. Where the function of the boxes remains a mystery.

   4     Alignment With The North Pole

It is still become a question on the process of Egyptian used to construct pyramids because the construction has such 
accuracy to the cardinal directions. The Egyptian Pyramids is more accurate in alignment compare to modern Meridian Building at the Greenwich Observatory in London. The only ways to have the accurate alignment is use complex algorithms. The construction also needs to take into consideration atmospheric conditions, obstruction of viewpoint, etc.


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