Damb i love Tanah Lot, with fantastic fiew In bali,Indonesia


Tanah Lot Temple is one of tourist destination in Bali. It is the most important Bali Landmark. Tanah Lot Temple is part of Dang Kahyangan Temple. Tanah lot is veneration place to revere God of the Sea. Tanah lot word means Small Island floating on the sea. It is located in Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia, and an approximate 20km northwest of Kuta. The temple is stands on the top of a big rock it is surrounded by seawater. Tanah lot is the most popular place to watch the beautiful sunset in Bali.

Based on the legend, Tanah Lot temple built by Brahmin that travel from Java Island to Bali, Dang Hyang Nirartha, to spread Hinduism at 16 the century. The village chief, Bendesa Beraban wants to chase Danghyang Nirartha away from his meditation place. By his supernatural power, Dang hyang Nirartha move his meditation place from mainland to middle of the sea. This place is what called as Tanah Lot, because it is Small Island that floats on the sea. He also turn his shawl becomes a guardian snake that keep Tanah Lot Temple. After this unusual occurance, Bendesa Beraban admitted Dang Hyang Nirartha supernatural power, and then embraces Hindu with the citizen of the village. Before leaving Beraban village, Dang Hyang Nirartha gifted the Holy Kris that can heal many kind of plant disease. The holy kris is put in Kediri Royal Palace. Pilgrims bring these relics each Kuningan day by foot on an 11km pilgrimage to the Luhur Pakendungan temple, the priest’s former meditational site.

Due to Tanah Lot location that floating on the sea, Tanah Lot Temple is face by the problem of abrasion, sea waves and wind. Because of that, government of Bali decides to put tetrapod in front of Tanah Lot Temple, but it is intrude the scenery of Tanah Lot. The Government decides to renew the design at 1996.  After centuries scuffle by the wave, Bali Government decides to carry the preservation effort in collaboration with Japanese Government to restore Tanah Lot condition. Now, one third of Tanah Lot comprised by artificial rock to protect Tanah Lot from abrasion.


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