Bunaken Dives at Sulawesi (Land of Borneo), Indonesia


Bunaken Dives at Sulawesi (Land of Borneo), Indonesia

Hello Traveler! Are you looking for the wonderful traveling destination for your vacation? We have the answer, happy traveler. I will show you the best destination for diving and you would never been upset for this destination. Have you been going to Indonesia? I suggest you to travel to Indonesia and visit Bunaken Sea Park in Sulawesi, Land of Borneo. For the exact place, it is located in Manado, North Sulawesi Province. This place could be one of the paradise for the diving lover, the right place to explore the beauty of Indonesian sea. The trip could be done by using aeroplane from Jakarta. You need 3 hours and 10 minutes to arrive in Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi Province. Additional time to continue your trip from Manado is around 15 until 40 minutes by using motor boat. Your 40 minutes trip, maximum, would not be boring and will give you unforgettable memories as Manado Tua Mountain is ready to refresh your mind and eyes. When your motor boat trip has been up, the Bunaken Sea Park could be seen exactly next to the Siladen Island.

Overview about Dives Spot
Bunaken Island has National Sea Park which has been known from all over the world with the width of 75,000 hectare, which is consist of 3 percent land area and 97 percent sea area, including Bunaken Sea Park. For you information, Bunaken Sea Park is nominated as World Top 10 Best Dives Destination by one of the English travel magazine. This dives destinationa is surrounded by five beautiful islands, they are Manado Tua Island, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Mantehage Island and Naen Island. All those island has 29 total dives spot. What a fantastic dives destination, is not it? Diving at Bunaken Sea Park and the dives spot circle would brings you to the world of richest biodiversity of sea in the world. The Bunaken Sea Park itself is protected by Government as it has various kinds of protected plants and animals for the pupose of tourism, sea protection and the sustainability of sea animal’s life.

Experiencing the Biodiversity under the Sea
What is the other special things? Bunaken Sea Park has 8,000 kinds of coral species and 2,000 species of fish. Here are the example of fish among 2,000 of its species which inhabitat this dive spot, they are Kuda Gusumi (Hippocampus), Oci Putih (Seriola rivoliana), Lolosi Ekor Kuning (Lutjanus kasmira), kerapu (Epinephelus spilotoceps dan Pseudanthias hypselosoma), Ila Gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus), kind of molusc (Tridacna gigas), Kepala Kambing (Cassis cornuta), Nautilus berongga (Nautilus pompillius)¸and many other fish. You will also find some extinct animal that lives in Bunaken Sea Park, such as coelacanths, whales, dolphin, and turtles. Looking for the cute fish? You will get it as well. Clown fish, school fish, and many colorfull fish will be found when you dive in this dive spot. In the depth of more than 18 meter, you will get the experience for the wall diving, it feels like you fly in the depth of no base drop off. Once you get lucky, you could meet the giant turtles which is almost 100 years old, also would meet mantaray or eagle rays, napoleon, angle fish, blow fish, lobster, and even the shark!

Underwater Photographer
Shoot two birds with a stone! Not only diving with the spectacular various kinds of biodiveristy of Bunaken Sea Parl, but also capturing the picture for underwater photograph. For you guys who has passion on photography, do not miss this chance! For the underwater photogrpher, I bet you will not be upset for the limited chance to capture the spectacular scenery under the sea. You could dive till the depth of 20 metre to get the dramatic photography result. Do not forget to learn the symbolic communication during your diving and even moment of capturing the picture. Here are some symbols you need to understand. Make the shape “O” to show that you are Oke or fine. Move your finger horizontally from left to right when you are nervous, you are afraid, you get dizzy or in a bad situation. For the thid symbol is use the OKE symbol to show that you want to go up and finish your diving activities.

So, what you are waiting for? Just go to Bunaken Island to feel the different experience. Remember, there is no off-seasons for diving, hence you could go anytime. Happy diving traveler! Stay tune with our other articles regarding traveling info.


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